secrets of a kosher girl

Secrets of a Kosher Girl. Book Review

Secrets of a Kosher Girl Treat yourself to a copy (Amazon link above)! What secrets? Secrets no more! Talented Beth Warren RD spills the beans: All revealed! Can Secrets of a Kosher Girl be shared? Please???? It sounds somewhat naughty,…
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Seudat Hodaa
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Our Seudat Hodaa. Menu, Recipes and Product Plugs

Enjoy the pictures of our food and our guests at our Seudat Hodaa on Facebook. This week we hosted Seudat Hodaa for my husband's... not recovery exactly, but for our New Normal: Yom Yom. His health crisis is multiple myeloma, a rare and…
my fat dad

My Fat Dad. Dawn Lerman. My Book Review

My Fat Dad: Inspiring Read Treat yourself and a dear friend to a copy today! Congrats to Dawn Lerman for her wonderful new book, My Fat Dad. Everything about My Fat Dad is delicious, poignant and irresistible: Dawn's frank and evocative style,…
seasonal Jewish Kitchen

The Seasonal Jewish Kitchen Cookbook. Amelia Saltsman. My Review

Amelia Saltsman's the Seasonal Jewish Kitchen, is nothing short of magnificent. Order Your Copy on Amazon Today! Well priced too! Heaven Help me I just fell in love with it! If there were (of course there were, often for good reason!) any…
Chalav Israel Cheeses
silver platter cookbook

The Silver Platter Cookbook. Daniella Silver. My Review

The Silver Platter Cookbook. Congratulations to Daniella Silver on the publication of her Cookbook! Hard to believe the Silver Platter Cookbook is Daniella's first Cookbook, when you see how gorgeous the book looks, and how many valuable items…
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Reinventing Meals

Reinventing Meals. Two Leftover Parties

Reinventing meals: Nobody has immortalized the wonderful mystique of leftovers more brilliantly and with more wit than Calvin Trillin: “The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for thirty years she served the family nothing but…


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