Prep and Rally

Prep and Rally. Dini Klein. My Book Review

Prep and Rally It is hard to believe that Dini Klein’s just published volume, Prep and Rally, is her very first. She has done the investigative work of a lifetime teaching and life coach veteran.  Dear harried moms who constantly wrack…

Healthy Meal Plan Ideas and Organizing

Healthy Meal Plan Friends, I wanted to share some of my super quick super delicious super nutritious meals for times we have very limited time or energy resources. The impetus for this post is what I’m currently going through: I will…
The Instant Pot Kosher Cookbook
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The Instant Pot Kosher Cookbook. By Paula Shoyer.

The Instant Pot Kosher Cookbook The term Kosher here only serves to alert our tribe that they can make absolutely any recipe from this book. But Kosher or not, this is the most thorough and most definitive book written on the subject of…
Healthy snacks

Healthy Snacks: Store Bought Sound Choices

Healthy Snacks Do Healthy Store-Bought Snacks Even Exist? They absolutely do. It’s just that they are trampled by the stampede of junky snacks, so they can be easy to miss. We must learn to prune the little bit of good from the mountains…
Love peas carrots cookbook

Love Peas Carrots Cookbook. My Book Review

Love Peas Carrots Cookbook Order your copy soon before they all fly off the shelves! I confess I chuckled to myself when I received the book and slightly flinched at its weight: somebody beside me actually had the temerity of writing…
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Natural Passover desserts

Natural Passover Desserts Improv Recipes. Gluten-Free

Natural Passover Desserts I know, right, it sounds like, utopia. Why do we look for some outlandish tricks to make Passover desserts fit in with the year round dessert cannon is beyond me, forgive me. So many wonderful ingredients to choose…
Moroccan Spread

Tale of Two Moroccan Spread Menus and Recipes

Moroccan Spread     The ultimate Feast! As a cook that makes absolutely everything, along absolutely any culinary, nutritional and gastronomic lines, I can tell you with great authority:  An authentic All or Mostly Moroccan…

Sababa Cookbook. Adeena Sussman. My Review

Sababa Cookbook. Order a copy of Sababa for yourself and a friend, then let's chat about what we'll be making! "Creativity is intelligence having fun", said Einstein. Adeena Sussman is an apt personification of this whimsical line. Her ravishingly…