Cold Soup dishes are a delightful and refreshing in summer. So nice to know you can make your cold soups in advance and chill them. They will only get better the next day.
There are so many exciting cold soups to choose from, and you can decide on marketing day which cold soup you will be going with, depending on what looks luscious: A fruit soup, a gazpacho, a vichyssoise, and more.

Many cold soup recipes don’t require cooking:

Just throw the ingredients in a blender and you are done!

You can make your cold soup as creamy, as spicy, as chunky and as exciting as hot soups. And as always with me, the Water-Soup-Girl-And-Proud-Of-It, you don’t need an initial soup base, or stock or broth. That’s what I call great time saving: water, milk, juice, yogurt, everything will work!