Breakfast Recipes move front and center, a most enviable place. Breakfast recipes are all too often reduced to a bowl of cereal, toast, smoothies, but breakfast is so much more than than!

Breakfast is a great place to showcase breads and muffins, and you can indeed build your breakfast recipes around the perfect bread loaf, quick breads and muffins. It is easy enough—but it often turns out to be totally futile—to promise ourselves to stay away from bread. As soon as we catch some of the intoxicating aromas wafting out of a bakery, all bets are off. Let’s admit it: We all love a delicious slice of bread—as part of a sandwich, to mop up some sauce, or to eat with a good dip. However, many of us can’t tolerate so much gluten, and then some can’t have any gluten at all. Plus, many store-bought breads come with unwelcome additives. As my—and, it turns out, countless others’—love for all white starches grew increasingly unrequited, I came to see this “rejection” as an exciting challenge to come up with breads and all breakfast recipes that were both easily digested, and of course delicious: Good flavor is not negotiable!

Breakfast Recipes also showcase beautiful and nutritious omelets, smoothies, overnight oats, a chopped salad, and more. Take breakfast seriously, as it gets beautiful enough even for company!