Nut Seed Bread

Nut Seed Bread Recipe. All Variations. Gluten Free

Nut Seed Bread

Nut Seed Bread








We all go through stages of our lives when we must tweak our carb intake. Yes, you have guessed it: it is that time of life for me to use my carb allowance judiciously. For example, I WANT my perfect pizza slice a couple times a week, so I must make room for it. So here’s my GREAT news:

My Nut Seed Bread is Low in Net Carbs!

It is made with insoluble fibers (making it high fiber to boot!), nuts, seeds (obviously) and carb free flours. I don’t follow the Paleo diet, but my Paleo Friends will be mighty pleased.

High Fiber!

We have psyllium to thank for that added benefit. Psyllium is a pure vegetable fiber, 

It will add great bulk and nutrition to your baked goods, without any trace of flavor. Very low calories too. Inexpensive, and easy to order online. 

Use it Exactly Like Regular Bread!











It lends itself perfectly to all toppings, savory or sweet. The slices are sturdy and firmly textured, so don’t be afraid to pile on the good stuff. Try it with my tehina chocolate spread, with smoked salmon, with avocado and garnishes. The bread, while delicious on its own, is neutral enough in flavor to obediently take on the great flavors it is paired with.

My Recipe is VERY Elastic



You wouldn’t believe how versatile my nut seed bread is. And I will include all the variations I can think of in the recipe. This is really great to know when you fall in love with it, knowing how many ways you can riff on the recipe and get exciting results each  time

  • No nuts? No problem! Make it with all seeds.
  • Some Carb OK? I will include a variation with grain
  • Vegan nut seed bread? No problem skipping the egg and using a flax-warm-water slurry

My Seed Nut Bread Basic Recipe

I see too many nut seed bread recipes with an overly long ingredient list. I don’t find that necessary, or desirable. Long ingredient lists  often act as a deterrent to baking. A few well chosen ingredients will do the trick very nicely. I will include the links to some terrific ingredients you should have in your pantry for this nut seed bread and many other wholesome treats; don’t worry about getting a larger bag: more economical, and you will find many wonderful wholesome uses for them. I want to get you more acquainted with some of my favorite ingredients: psyllium powder, mixed seeds, unsweetened dried cranberries, coconut flour, unblanched almond flour, sucanat, quinoa flour Etc…

The recipe comes together in no time, as easily and effortlessly as a muffin recipe.

I am keeping my basic recipe nut-free for our nut-restricted friends. But of course, as instructed below, if nuts are not a problem, use nuts in any combination with seeds.


Basic Recipe


  • 2 eggs
  • 2 1/2 cups water
  • 2 tablespoons vinegar


Preheat the oven to 325*F before baking

Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl
Mix the wet ingredients in a bowl
Mix both mixtures thoroughly, but be sure not to overmix.

Grease a loaf pan (vegetable oil spray is fine) and line it with wax paper with the sides overhanging for easy removal.

If you have a couple hours or even overnight to let the loaf soak up the liquid, that would be great. And if you don’t it will still work very well.
Bake about 1 1/4 hours, or just a few minutes longer, until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean.

All Variations:

Optional add-ins to the basic recipe

  • 1/2 cup unsweetened dried cranberries (fresh will be great too: in this case, chop them and add a little sugar)
  • Add 1/4-1/2 cup nutritional yeast (for a cheesy flavor)
  • Add 1 tbsp Cocoa powder + 2 tbsp molasses + 1 tbsp caraway seeds (for a pumpernickel flavor)
  • Add Herbs of your choice: sage, thyme, rosemary, zaatar etc

Play with your ingredients

Get an exciting loaf each time you change up your ingredients.

  • Use nuts and seeds in any combination you like, totaling 3 cups
  • No nuts? Replace the almond flour with sunflower meal, pumpkin meal, or coconut flour or a combination.
  • Vegan: substitute a mixture of 3 tablespoons ground flax seeds mixed with 1/2 cup warm water


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