Wedding Lunch

Last week I cooked for a Dairy Wedding Lunch, a very small (just thirty guests), intimate and fabulous wedding lunch, and by all accounts it was wonderful. The compliments I received were all the more meaningful that many of the guests were not observant, or not Jewish. I was asked to do just the cooking part of the wedding lunch; the meal was picked up and served by the bridal party’s crew.

Wedding Lunch Feedback

I am sharing here, not only the wedding lunch menu and recipes, but two of the glowing comments I received from the bridal party, which gave me lots of Nachas:

“Dear Levana: I can’t begin to thank you enough for the beautiful cuisine we so enjoyed today at Bracha and Danny’s wedding lunch! It was all beautifully prepared, elegant and delicious! I can’t get over how much you put into this – so many dishes – and how amazing everything looked and tasted! I know Bracha and Danny share my heartfelt appreciation for your kindness in making the wedding wonderful! Fond regards & good wishes”

“The wedding lunch yesterday was beautiful, gorgeous, just perfect- but I have to provide feedback to you. The catering you provided was a real Kiddush Hashem. Most of the guests have had very little interaction with Orthodox Jews and the food you prepared really impressed people. I heard comments like, “I didn’t know kosher could taste so good” and “kosher, not kosher, this is one of the most delicious meals I have ever eaten.” It was just beyond wonderful–it made the event really, really special to have such lovely treats–and as you know–food brings people together and the meal you made did a lot to connect everyone at yesterday’s festivities. Levana, you are a miracle worker–you really are!”


It will give you a pretty good idea about just how luxurious a dairy meal can get: It’s guaranteed to bust some of the preconceived ideas about dairy food being casual and just not festive enough. This is definitely not your bagels and cream cheese spread! Hint: Lots of menu ideas for Shavuot, coming right up!

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Sliced Saute King Oyster Mushrooms

mushroom bacon

(I found King Oyster Mushrooms at a terrific price. I sliced them thick, sauteed them. Added roasted garlic, port wine, pink salt and fresh thyme. Wonderful!)