Great Chalav Israel Cheeses Selection!

Please forgive my low tech graphics: This gives you the information, and that does the trick.

As promised, here is a list of prices of the wonderful imported Chalav Israel Cheeses BenZ’s Store  started carrying. Excellent selection at excellent prices. All those delicious Chalav Israel cheeses you have been pining for on your trips to Israel (Machane Yehuda in Jerusalem: Oh my gosh, that makes me go week at the knees!) and France have finally made it across the ocean! Now you can plan a beautiful and low maintenance Cheese-Salad-Wine dinner and knock your friends’ socks off with very little work, in the comfort of your home, perhaps followed by some great French Movie Classic. All because Benz owner and savvy shopper BenZ always has the best selections! Well worth the trip to Crown Heights, not just for their cheeses, but for all their other delicacies.

I am no fan of pre-sliced and pre-shredded cheeses.

Pre-sliced cheeses, being so thin, tend to get rancid and lose their freshness. There will be no possible comparison between that and a nice fresh chunk you can slice or grate right on the spot. It will be cheaper too, and will take you seconds to slice or shred. So many fantastic dishes you can make when you have  beautiful cheeses. And if you must settle for shredded cheese, at least freeze it, and take out just what you need as you need it: It won’t freeze in a solid block.

Here are just a few of my favorite dishes in my repertoire using cheese.

They prominently display several of BenZ’s great Chalav Israel Cheeses.

Remember, the better the cheese, the better the cheese-based dish! Now, I am not suggesting an insanely expensive cheese for cooking, Heaven Forbid! Just a good quality cheese, and above all, real cheese. That means, no American Cheese: Nothing cheesy about that, and it’s all junk, colorings and fillers; please don’t ruin your beautiful dish, salad or sandwich with that! Besides, it has all the calories of, and costs as much as, real cheese; who needs it? And if you are in a very lazy mood, and would rather not cook, a beautiful spread consisting of cheese, bread, wine, fruit and nuts never goes out of fashion!