My Cooking Class is El Paso Texas

I’ve been told I put on a good cooking show, but that would never be possible without all my wonderful assistants. Thank you!

Our Cooking Class was so much fun!

Meeting and serving all the lovely guests!

After the cooking class, I spent the “night” (3 hours of fitful sleep in my traveling clothes, to catch a 5 am flight) at my old friends’ Ilisa and Ezra Cappell’s beautiful home.

In addition to the perennial poetic license I always enjoy on the road when on cooking class duty, I had Rabbinical Blessing to sneak Levana Meal Replacement in three of my five recipes. It was no trouble whatsoever getting Rebetzen Greenberg of Chabad El Paso  on board; in fact she excitedly asked me not to mention my little racket until all our dishes were polished off. The results confirmed the magic of Levana Meal Replacement: The added nutrition is seen but not heard!

We signed lots of copies of The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen.

They’re going to be cooking some fantastic food in El Paso!

Our cooking class menu was wonderful too.

All dishes were selected by the Rebetzen, I might add: Boy she has good taste! Believe me if I tell you I didn’t make a single dent in her menu selections. As always, a good menu is half the battle. I pride myself on good party planning and good menu planning: the least I could inherit from a lifetime of catering and cooking demos! Menu planning is in my blood every bit as much as cooking demo planning.

The soup, chicken, and cake include Levana Meal Replacement products.