Kosherfest 2016 was a blast. Meet Miss California Vegan Chocolate Chips!

Lots of wonderful new products, especially Asian, with several well deserved award winners.

Please hover on the picture to see the caption and comment.

Oh sugar it took me THIS long to post this photo gallery and its picture captions (Kosherfest 2016 was about about a MONTH ago!) That’s because I was busy getting coached with building a template for picture galleries. Oh, never mind, you wouldn’t understand: you are YOUNG, and you speak Tech-ese fluently, while this bona fide linguist is breaking her teeth on it.

The following Kosherfest 2016 picture gallery I am including here, with pictures’ respective captions, is by no means exhaustive. There were no end of fabulous products.

As wonderful as ever, a few revered senior brands, to name just a handful:

Pereg Natural Foods

Grow and Behold


Empire (they had unbelievable shnitzel strips)



Precious few cheese items at Kosherfest 2016, likely because cheese importers end up dejected at not finding representation and distribution in the US. Quel domage!