Canned Salmon Burgers
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Canned Salmon Burgers with Cocktail Sauce Recipe

Canned Salmon Burgers Why canned salmon, you might ask? It’s not as if we were running out of fresh salmon anytime soon! At least I hope and pray we don’t. As you know I am very devoted to the whole happy family of burgers, “cakes”,…
potato latkas
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Black Bean Burgers Recipe. Vegan-Friendly. Gluten-free

Black Bean Burgers Mine are delicious, Vegan-Friendly AND Gluten-Free! If you are carb-conscious, you'll be happy to know my BBB are so satisfying, nourishing and filling you will enjoy them even sans bun, so as not to pile on too many carbs…
Potato latkas
Vegetarian burgers
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Vegetarian Burgers and Latkas Recipes

Vegetarian Burgers and Latkas Latkas and all other fritters and vegetarian burgers are wonderful not just on Chanukkah, but year-round. To me, latkas and burgers are interchangeable. Just as you can make latkas with virtually any vegetable…
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Hamburgers Recipe. All Toppings

Hamburgers They are a perennial favorite. You can make your own hamburgers, right at home, in minutes. Please don't get impatient! There is simply no recipe for delicious and healthy hamburgers. Boom. Boom. Done. But there sure are lots…