Potato Latkas

Potato latkas

Chanukkah Magic: Make the most of it!

In this post you will find everything there is to know about potato latkas and fritters from the world over, plus tips on how to fry latkas and other fritters safely and effectively. Scroll down for the complete list of latka and all fritters recipes! Oh, did I say all of them, no exception, can be made gluten-free just as easily as the regular version?

Ah Latkas! The Food we Love to Hate!

To make matters worse, courtesy of the alarmist low-carb food industry, the humble potato has gone from being a faithful staple at every table to making rare and apologetic appearances, as in Chanukkah, where we fry and eat it with a vengeance.

Surefire Frying Tips

potato latkas

Please start by reading my post about my Frying Tips:  Fear of Frying Therapy; You will be amazed how easy and delicious it becomes to enjoy occasional fried treats, on Chanukkah and beyond.

In addition to adding some delicious fried treats from around the world, you will learn a thing or two about frying safely and efficiently, even for dessert!

Potato Latkas Without Commotion!

Forgive me for getting very impatient about some Latka recipes I see: put the shredded potatoes in ice water? Then put them in a cloth and squeeze out all the moisture? There’s no way I would consider such a high maintenance recipe. I go into frying tips at great length in this essential chapter on frying, My trick is, quite simply, tried and true common wisdom pointers:

  • Work fast!
  • Put all your ingredients in a bowl except the potatoes, and mix thoroughly
  • Get everything ready for frying before you grate the potatoes: your oil, your tray, your absorbent paper napkins, your peeled potatoes placed in bowl with cold water.
  • Lastly, grate the potatoes. In a food processor, please. I know I know, you might hear that grating by hand with a box grater is the best ways, but all that accomplishes is, giving time to the potatoes to oxidate and turn that horrible brown color and develop that horrible metallic taste. Food processor, I tell you. Grate them in a jiffy, and add them as quickly as you can to the other ingredients.
  • When you add the grated potatoes to the mix, do not close your hands on the ingredients and squeeze, or you will extract much unwanted moisture. Keep your hands open wide, fingers parted, and combine quickly and thoroughly. Likewise, when you shape the Latkas, do not squeeze!
  • While you fry the Latkas, a little dark liquid might pool in the bottom of the bowl. That’s normal. Ignore it and keep going!

Serve Latkas With homemade Apple Sauce

apple sauce

Nothing like it, pure deliciousness, and so easy to make!

We Used to Enjoy Potato Latkas Year Round

Courtesy of my mother in law Z”L, who whipped them up at the drop of a hat. All you ever had to say was, ooohhhh I’m dying for some Bubbie Latkas! It is likely thanks to her that I am totally reconciled with making them in every shape and form. Do give a real chance to all the fried treats listed below. As you will see, I pushed the envelope to include veggie burgers and grain fritters: These are quite substantial and are indeed dinner, served alone or topped with your favorite sauce, and a good salad. The best part is, most are gluten-free, and the very few that are not are perfectly adaptable to gluten-free. Give millet and cornmeal a real chance!

Carb Counters? I got you covered!

Who said a latka must aways made with potatoes? How about Vegetable, Apple, even Cheese? One more delicious than the other!

When you realize that the recipes listed below are all variations on the classic potato latka, you might enjoy them more often for dinner.

Potato Kugel

What is a potato kugel, if not a giant baked Latka?

Follow the directions for my potato kugel variation in my basic potato latkas recipe: its all there!

Latkas International

These are just some of my favorites!

Homemade Applesauce