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I often receive feedback about my classes or recipes that just makes me kvell. If you have made any of my recipes and have feedback to share with me, I would love to hear from you! You can leave a note in the comments section below. Here is…
The Seduction of Dashi

The Seduction of Dashi

This morning I received something which for years I used to perceive as a berating lecture,  but which I have long since identified as an unmitigated compliment, indeed a tribute: It has to do with being dogged, and never taking no for an answer.…
Kitchen Wisdom: Grinding Bay Leaves

Kitchen Wisdom: Grinding Bay Leaves

Ever get a bay leaf stuck in your throat?  It can create a very suspenseful few minutes! In fact, it just happened to my brother a few days ago, when we attended a dinner party, and the hostess served soup (which was delicious, but she forgot…

Demo Menus

Italian Dinner

Pizza primavera Polenta with mushroom sauce White bean and salad with artichokes, Swiss chard and salmon Anise sesame biscotti Coconut lemon Pannacotta
Indian Feast

Indian Feast

Chicken tandoori Vegetable rice byriani Curried spinach chick pea soup Lentil and chick pea paratha Molasses corn amaranth pudding Cucumber Raita Spiced Chai

Dairy Treats

French onion soup Feta-spinach stuffed tilapia Black rice Arugala, pear, roasted beets and walnut salad with Roquefort dressing Coconut chocolate pots de crème Blueberry blintzes

Mother’s Day Brunch

Mimosa and Kyrrh Royale Cheddar dill scones Asparagus Hollandaise sauce Mushroom leek quiche Cold fruit soup Watermelon feta cheese salad Lemon cake

Seasonal Spring Feast

Lemon chicken breasts with artichoke and carrots Zucchini and fennel soup Haricots verts Roasted peppers and heirloom tomato salad with grey salt Herbed Yukon fingerlings Plum granola tart

Passover Feast

Wild mushroom soup Lamb tajine with lemon thyme sauce Poached salmon with tomato basil sauce Chilled tricolor vegetable terrine Mixed greens with avocado mint dressing Orange almond cake

Gluten-Free Cooking

Millet spinach fritters Buckwheat rice crepes Oat mushroom soup Teff cookies Chocolate pie


pots de creme
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Chocolate Oats Pots de Creme Recipe. Apple Variation

Pots de creme are a wonderful and super healthy comfort food It takes minutes to whip up, and costs pennies. The dessert of my lean years, when I learned all about Quick and Healthy Cooking Long before the whole-grain fashion began (I am…