Plan your Elopement: There will Always be a Chabad House!

Never mind the popular belief: Elopements are almost always carefully thought out. The only people who deny this simple fact are those who were vexed about not having been consulted, or those who were left behind. This summer has been particularly…

Demo Menus

Healing Foods

Aduki bean burdock soup Fish, kabocha, kale and seaweed stew Shitaki summer rolls on a bed of seasoned nappa cabbage Date nut bars Berry kanten

Leftover Party

Quick chicken soup Spicy chopped liver pastries Three layer fish terrine Curried chicken salad Moroccan potato frittata Bread chocolate pudding

Thanksgiving Feast

Carrot ginger soup Wild rice with chestnuts Spice-rub roasted turkey Minted cranberry orange relish Boston lettuce with shallot cider dressing and chopped herbs Pumpkin pecan pie

Just the Two of US: Elegant Quick Meals

Trio of Tuna: Seared, handroll, tartare Sauté spinach and portobello Spicy buckwheat couscous Quick Thai pumpkin peanut butter soup Ricotta berry parfait

Small Meals, Big Skillet

Seared salmon with cocktail sauce London broil Moroccan cornmeal soup Skillet-roasted potatoes Sauté Swiss chard Mixed greens Chestnuts bean coconut parfaits

Rosh Hashana Dinner

Roasted tomato soup Chilled salmon roulade with tehina sauce Beef stew with wild mushrooms, fingerling potatoes and artichokes Mixed greens with raspberry vinaigrette Praline cheesecake with coffee crunch topping

Asian Bites

Vegetable sushi Mock crab summer rolls Cabbage mushroom spring rolls Chicken dumplings with dipping sauce Cold sesame noodles in martini cups Tofu Satay


Apple Sauce Recipe
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Homemade Apple Sauce Recipe

Homemade Apple Sauce What could possibly beat homemade apple sauce? While you indulge in frying - and eating - latkas and their trademark topping, it's a perfect time to tell you that the store-bought apple sauce doesn’t hold a candle…
Trio of tuna
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Trio of Tuna Recipe. Salmon Variation

Trio of Tuna This trio of tuna is always glamorous, and so simple I demonstrated the three dishes as a small part of a whole cooking demo called "intimate meals": Nothing to it! Tuna handrolls, Tuna tartare,  and seared tuna. Three winners! Trio…
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Cape Cod Cold Kugel Recipe

Huh? Cold Kugel? What's going on, have I lost my head? Who needs a cold kugel recipe? Who would even give cold kugel the right time of day? Or was I just playing with alliteration (Cape Cold Cold Kugel: Does sound catchy!)? Seriously: All of…
Mock Crab Summer Rolls with Thai Sauce Recipe
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Mock Crab Summer Rolls with Thai Sauce Recipe

Mock crab makes a wonderful filling for summer rolls. And it is super easy, as mock crab is precooked and therefore doesn't require additional cooking. Summer rolls are those delightful paper-thin rice disks that you dip in warm water to soften…