Apple Sauce Recipe

Nothing Beats Homemade Apple Sauce Recipe

Nothing beats homemade apple sauce!

While you indulge in frying – and eating – latkas, it’s a perfect time to tell you there is a huge difference between store-bought apple sauce and homemade apple sauce. Plus it’s a snap to make. So good I even serve it at parties!

This subject will always remind me of the time, a few weeks after my son Maimon and Ruthie got married, and I served an apple pie. Ruthie politely turned it down, saying she can’t get anywhere near cooked fruit. My son then told her (she was all of twenty and almost as beautiful as she is now!): “You’ll see when you are in the nursing home: you are going to love apple sauce!” She has many long happy healthy years to go before then, and I hate to report apple sauce and other cooked fruit hasn’t grown on her…..

Don’t wait for Chanukkah to make apple sauce!

It’s delicious, not only with latkas, but by itself, or with yogurt. You might also want to make a sauce out of any fruit you might have on hand, alone or in combination, and proceed just as above: I love pears, plums, peaches, apricots.

But suppose for a moment you don’t suffer from Ruthie’s inexplicable phobia. Here’s what you do:


Core a few Mackintosh apples with an apple corer (nifty little tool!), quarter them, place them in a saucepan, skin and all. Add natural apple cider (or cranberry or pomegranate juice: the sauce will take on a lovely red color) to cover, cinnamon to taste, and bring to a boil. Reduce to medium and cook another few minutes, until the fruit is just tender. Strain in a large-hole colander (so it's chunky), with a bowl underneath, and press hard on the solids. You will be left with only the skins, which you will discard. Taste the sauce, if it needs to be a drop sweeter, add a little maple syrup: It's the best!

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