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NYC Hick Goes out to Queens

I have been living in the United States almost two generations. I have lived in an apartment structure my whole life, in big cities only: Casablanca, Paris New York, etc.... you get the picture. I am a complete city mouse, don't drive, and cannot…

Kosher Fruit Concentrates

I recently called the Star-K to ask if we could use fruit concentrates without a kosher sign, and they explain that although technically it would be OK, we do need a kosher sign as the processing plant might also be processing grape products,…

Demo Menus

Sephardi Finger Foods

Lamb, pine nut and raisin grape leaves Spicy chicken cigars Mushroom borekas Fishballs in lemon sauce Spicy marinated olives Vegetarian stuffed zucchini and eggplant Nut truffles

Moroccan Feast

Eggplant pepper salad with preserved lemons Lemon olive chicken Roast salmon and vegetables Fava bean soup Cornmeal almond cake with lemon syrup

Chocolate Fantasies!

No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Torte Chocolate Salami Molten Chocolate Cake Chocolate Raspberry Linzertorte Frozen Chocolate Crunch Cake Chocolate Expresso Biscotti

Latin Fiesta!

Sangria Pineapple rum cocktails Black bean chocolate soup Arroz con pollo Seviche Green tomato salsa Guacamole and tortilla chips Tropical fruit cake

Meatless Mondays

White gazpacho Trout Niçoise en papillote Pasta with wild mushroom sauce Avocado and endive salad Pecan streusel coffee cake

Main Course Salads

Chicken Waldorf wild rice salad Mock crab pasta salad Beef nappa salad Black bean, corn avocado salad Grated vegetable seaweed salad with green tea dressing

The Perfect Shabbos Cold Lunch

Chilled minted pea escarole soup Seared tuna with dill corn salad Lemon herb risotto Blackened chicken breasts over mixed greens Blueberry cake with almond streusel.

Chilled Summer Treats

Iced red and yellow pepper soup Moroccan dry rub roast chicken Minted wild rice salad Herb-seared fennel, raddichio and endives Lemon blueberry tart.

Superfoods: Roots and Leaves

Soba noodles with roasted root vegetables Coconut fish soup Sauté kale, mustard greens, mushrooms and seaweed Spicy grated turnip, carrot and beet salad Berry and lychee kanten with berry sorbet