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  1. Lévana
    Lévana says:

    Answering question 113. I have never tried freezing any of the dressings, as I never saw any reason to. The fact that they keep so well in the refrigerator for a couple weeks renders the question moot. Sofrito freezes very well, I discuss it at length in my cookbook.

  2. Beth
    Beth says:

    Finally back with the freezing questions. Which of these sauce recipes might freeze well?: Herb mustard dressing, Chinese green tea dressing, Curried mango dressing, basil honey dressing, Sofrito, and Olive sundried tomato dip.
    Thank you!

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      Beth, if you follow the recipes exactly, it tells you how to keep them: If it tells you (as it does) that they will keep refrigerated 2-3 weeks, then they will, and no need to freeze

  3. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    I loved your class yesterday evening – Fathers Day Menu. I always leave your class excited to return. Looking forward to seeing you in July.

    I made the spinach and feta fritatta, pesto pasta and salad with blue cheese dressing tonight. It was all delicious. I have a question about the blue cheese. How do you measure 1/4 Cup from a block of cheese? Is it based on ounces? teh one I bought had a very strong blue cheese flavor when I made it and it wasnt last night. It just had a hint of blue cheese at the class. Could it be the cheese I purchased was just so strong????? I hope you can clear this up for me.

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      Stephanie my mandoline friend! Blue cheese is strong, but a little goes a really long way. 1/4 cup for 21/2 cups dressing is quite reasonable. This is why I add that little sugar. Blue cheese crumbles easily, so crumble it into a measuring cup.
      Enjoy! xoxoxo

  4. Beth
    Beth says:

    Just picked up your “Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen” book and am drooling over the recipes. I am wondering if I can freeze any of the pantry recipes in chapter 2? I know you say they last 2 weeks in the fridge, but I’m hoping of having a way to safely preserve them in smaller quantities for longer.
    Thank you!

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      I’m so glad! I assume you mean the hardcover book (the paperback was a real embarrassment to me). I hesitate to give you a one-size-fits-all answer. Please name the recipes, and I’ll tell you as it applies

  5. chavee neuman
    chavee neuman says:

    Levana: THE COOKBOOK is lovely. Divine…I have just purchased copies for daughter and daughter-in-law.
    I do stock up on Noblesse, Schmerling etc. chocolate during Passover. Is there a luxury chocolate brand KOSHER OF COURSE you use / recommend for during the year??

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      Chavee you will enjoy the book!
      I avoid talking about brands, still I will just answer your question. I love Callebaut, for many reasons: It is delicious, lots of the items on their line are pareve, and it is affordable!

  6. sara
    sara says:

    Just got the paperback of your new cookbook and saw the hardcover in the store. It’s gorgeous. Did you add any recipes to the hardcover or is it the same?
    Also, you have a lima bean recipe with artichoke, would it be suitable to use fava beans instead keep the artichoke and add chicken pieces to it?

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      Sara Oh my gosh I do hope you get the hardcover version. It’s not only about the recipes: It’s about how they are laid out, edited, illustrated: It’s a beautiful book, whose gorgeous production is ample consolation from the initial mediocre paperback production: I highly recommend it! In my book you will find dozens of delicious answers to your question!

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      PS believe it or not many people got the paperback in addition to the hardcover, just so they could take it places, get it stained etc :-))

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      A lot of the West Side Stores might have it. In Brooklyn and other large Jewish Neighborhood stores it should be no trouble either

  7. Susan
    Susan says:

    I am on the left coast. Is there a resource or location to find the recipes such as chile and cocoa squash and pumpkin chocolate bread that you are demonstrating on April 30th?

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      Susan I am not sure I understand the question. Check out my blog for recipes, and if you don’t see what you want, please ask me for the specific recipe you would like.

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      Sandra it most often has one. Eden brand, Erewon (oy not sure of the spelling) and many more, in health food stores

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      There is plenty of it. I use margarine very rarely, but in some rare recipes, we really need it.

  8. Suzana Caro
    Suzana Caro says:

    Dear Levana,

    Would you mind to suggest some good chocolate brands that are Kosher LPesach?
    Another question, are the frozen vegetables KP? I would love to make your Broccoli kugel for Pesach.

    Thank you so much,

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      Suzanna it goes without saying that you have to shop for frozen vegetables that have a Passover supervision.
      Lots of excellent brands of chocolate come out of the woodwork for Passover: to name a few: Shmerling, Poulain, Noblesse, plus a lot of supermarket brands (check Shoprite first)

  9. Dena W
    Dena W says:

    Hi Levana! I made 9 batches of the cookies and baked 3 trays at a time on a 350 degree convection oven for 8 minutes and they came out as delicious as always! thanks sooo much!!!

  10. Dena W
    Dena W says:

    I love making your chocolate chip cookies. They are the best, and everyone goes crazy over them.

    I want to make multiple batches to give as Shaloch Manos on Purim. I always do one tray of a time, but it is very time consuming. I recently got a new convection oven, and I’m wondering how to make a few trays at a time with or without convection.

    Eagerly awaiting your response,

    (I love your cookbooks and enjoy attending your presentations!)

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      Great choice! Nobody can answer this questions except…. Your oven. Here’s what I would do: I would start with a regular batch and experiment. At first, with 2 trays at a time. If they both come out great, try next with 3 at a time! I would love to know how it comes out!

  11. Lévana
    Lévana says:
    Deena I bought that set of knives from Zabar, 4 color-co-ordinated color knives. the brand is Con-Rikkon (the spelling might be somewhat phonetic here, but this is the brand)
    The pot: 14 quart 14″ stainless steel pot,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=f5c98dbe1b18b57b&biw=1366&bih=551

  12. Lévana
    Lévana says:

    Levana, what is the brand name, type and size knife that you were using at your cooking demonstration. it looks like a mini meat cleaver and you used it for most of the coooking demonstration.

    also you used a huge wide pot. what size is it and where could i buy it?
    any advice where I could purchase it? Deena Fischer

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      Soraya, we are always talking only Kosher, nothing else. Kosher but NOT Chalav Israel ghee is available at health food stores. Otherwise, just do as I instruc tyou in my cookbook: It’s the best and easiest!

  13. Shira
    Shira says:


    Hi Levana,

    I received your new book as a gift and am in love. Having watched some of your cooking demo videos I can’t wait to get started. I love how you have practical solutions to just about everything so I’m wondering do you have a kosher and practical way to check the big bunches of parsley and basil that you use? It’s such a ‘patchka’ and keeping me from making some of your fabulous recipes…

    Thank you!

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      the most sensible way I find, which is what I always do, is use the Star-K booklet on checking all green. Just go on the Star-K hotline (very easy to find) and request one, they’ll mail it to you. they might even have the whole brochure online!

  14. Avi Herzog
    Avi Herzog says:

    Hi Levana,

    My wife just purchased for me your book “Levana’s Table”. For Shabbat I made both your cornish hen recipe (on the front cover) and your babka. Both were delish!

    Just wanted to let you know that your cooking and baking is a huge hit with me!

    I have a quick question: Have you tried the cornish hen marinade with red meat as well such as brisket? I’m surmising that it would work well. Am I correct?

    A rabbi who cooks in his spare time,
    Avi Herzog

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      Hello Rabbi who cooks in his spare time,

      I’ll tell your wife to NEVER let you go! My “new” new book is coming out in just a few months IYH: Wait till you get your hands on that one, it’s so fabulous!
      I’ll bet that marinade will work well for brisket. Save me a piece :-)

  15. RB
    RB says:

    Hi, Levana–

    Thank you for being a voice of reason, health, and taste in the kosher world. I’m seeing a lot of recipes use Greek yogurt to make things creamier. For those of us who keep cholov yisrael, what would be a good substitute? Those “Norman” thick israeli soft cheeses? Love to hear your thoughts.


    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      I appreciate the compliment! BTW have you seen my new cookbook? Chock-full of super healthy super delicious recipes.
      Greek Yogurt is thick because it has very little moisture, and more milk solids. you can get quite close to that texture by leaving yogurt overnight on top of 3 layers of cheesecloth over a pyrex measuring cup: what will remain in the cheesecloth will be wonderfully thick and creamy! and the thin liquid at the bottom will be delicious enough to drink, so there will be no waste anywhere!

  16. Lévana
    Lévana says:

    Leah Schneiderman

    Shavua Tov Leah!

    I love that soup: So simple and so deeply flavored: We just made it for a demo last week!
    Keep sampling all the soups in my latest cookbook: all delicious!

  17. Lévana
    Lévana says:

    Leah Schneiderman

    Hi Levana,
    I made your lentil soup recipe last night for this shabbat. I couldn’t wait to taste it and I already had a bowlful last night. It is DELICIOUS. My grocery store was out of cilantro so I used spinach instead.
    Thanks very much, shabbat shalom,
    Leah (from Montreal)

  18. Lévana
    Lévana says:

    Better Than Milk Enriched Rice Powder, Bulk, 21.4 oz
    Better Than Milk

    > Larger image
    Usually ships in 6 to 10 days
    Ships from and sold by BulkNuts4You

  19. Naomi
    Naomi says:

    Dear Levana,

    Thank you for your prompt response. I would love to make the caramel sauce recipe. In order to do so, I need the brand (manufacturer’s name) of the soy or rice milk powder your buy as well as the health food store you buy it at and/or web address you purchase it from when buying online. The health food stores I went to as well as the online sites I accessed do not have soy or rice milk powder with a hechsher. Please advise the brand (manufactuer’s name) you use, the name of the store and/or web site where I can purchase kosher soy or rice milk powder. Truly appreciated. Naomi

  20. Naomi
    Naomi says:

    Dear Levana,

    I purchased your cookbook “Levana Cooks Dairy Free”. I notice that the caramel sauce recip on page 112 differs from the one on the web. Which one is better? Most importantly, the only soy or rice milk powder I see in Queens, N.Y. is manaufactured by a company called “NOW”. It does not contain a hashgacha. Does it need one? If yes, let me know which one you use and where I can buy it.

    My email address is:

    Thank you, in advance, for your reply. I look forward to making the caramel sauce.

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      The answer is: since I am republishing the book, I am taking advantage of this chance to make slight changes wherever applicable. The recipes on my blog reflect those slight changes.
      I believe the soy or rice milk powder do need kosher supervision. I buy at health food stores or online.

  21. Lévana
    Lévana says:

    Hi Chanie,

    Although the content is just about the same, the fact that the book will be entirely reformatted, and the pictures will be full size pictures, makes it altogether a very important book to have in your kitchen. that said, the book in its present form is so inexpensive it is well worth having and getting stains and leaks on, so the bigger-better one gets spared!
    I still hope to see you at some demo! All the best

  22. Beth Bross
    Beth Bross says:

    Hi Levana:

    Can the plum & apple tart be made in advance, frozen, reheated & then add the glaze? If they can be frozen can you reheat without thawing first & at what temp & for how long do you suggest they reheat? I’m short on time & energy & trying to cook & freeze in advance. If this recipe is as good as your spiced honey cake recipe I’ll be eternally grateful.. If you already answered these ?’s I can’t find the answers. Thanks.

  23. Lévana
    Lévana says:

    Feigy you do absolutely nothing that the recipe doesn’t instruct you to do. Go ahead and make your casserole the way it says: It’s delicious!
    I’m making the tiramisu for Sukkot, an annual big bash we always host. I see you are working from my book “Levana Cooks Dairy-Free!”. Have you seen my latest cookbook yet?
    Have an easy fast,
    Looking forward to talking to you about your event.

  24. Lévana
    Lévana says:
    I made your tiramisu and salad w honey basil on tosh hashana
    Everyone love them
    I would like to try the bread artichoke pudding next yom tov
    Does the bread need to be dried first in the oven?
    Have an easy fast and a gmar tov
    We will talk after yom tov to plan our event on 10/30
    Feigy Klein

  25. Lévana
    Lévana says:
    So nice seeing you last night!
    Now I have a question: Why on earth did you buy a pickled brisket? Why not just a plain brisket? If you are making my brisket recipe (on my blog) please do NOT use this brisket, use a plain raw brisket. If you are stuck with this pickled brisket, please follow any recipe for corned beef, since this is what it is! Love to all, a great yom tov and a great new year! xoxoxo

  26. Lévana
    Lévana says:
    I can’t wait to try those easy recipes for Rosh Hashana! I wanted to ask you a question when I was there but I forgot. I got pickled brisket on Sunday morning to cook for R”H and I know that I will need to take all the salt out of the pickled-ness of it (I don’t really like pickled stuff) should I pre cook it and spill the water, or will that make the brisket dry? Moishe can’t eat dry stuff because it gets stuck in his lap-band. also, is cooking it a good idea? or should I bake it? I am terrified of ruining such an expensive piece of meat :)

  27. Dr. Irwin Kirschenbaum
    Dr. Irwin Kirschenbaum says:

    Just saw your name in Palm Beach Post & thought we
    could be related. I am a 87 yr old dentist from Brooklyn &
    my family owned a funeral parlor in Brooklyn if this
    helps. Sorry to bother you, but I was so delighted to read
    about a famous Kirschenbaum.

  28. Lévana
    Lévana says:

    Susan Samet

    hi levana, i once again would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to meet you and spend the most enjoyable evening that you presented last night. not only was the food scrumptious (and of course so natural and easy looking to produce) you entertained us with such a sense of fun and sincerity, that it made us walk away feeling that we cant wait to be guests at your table again some day soon. thanks also for making ricki feel so special and typically of an 18 year old so shy that it made her blush, when celebrating her 18th birthday with you. she is leaving to israel for a year in seminary, and already said that she is planning on coming back with her friends and peers to enjoy another evening with you when she returns iy”h. wishing you much continued success, and we will hopefully see you again shortly.
    by the way, my daughter (shira samet/sebbag) who was with me last night is married to the son of a morrocan – and i would love to watch one of your morrocan style demos ( he is a very particular eater and i would like to try to make something from his past especially for him) . suzie samet (and the gang)

  29. Lévana
    Lévana says:

    Suzana if you are “stingy” with your sugar as I am, then my recipes are perfect for you! Coconut yogurt is good. I wld say add just 1-2 TBSPs sugar to the topping xo

  30. Suzana Caro
    Suzana Caro says:

    Hey Levana, thanks for your answer. My house is completely dairy-free and I am not a ” sugar person,” so your recipes are perfect for me. I need to confess that sometimes I take some sugar off the recipe. BTW the yogurt that I used was “so delicious – Vanilla”

  31. Suzana Caro
    Suzana Caro says:

    Dear Levana,
    Shavuah Tov! Since i got your last cookbook, i was looking forward to baking the “praline cheesecake”. The cheesecake was very good, as usual, BUT… the topping was VERY bitter. It was impossible to eat it, I needed to scrape the topping from the cake to be able to eat it.
    Should i use some sugar? The yogurt is not very sweet. Or, should i use less coffee?
    Please, guide me..

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      Suzana, I’m wondering which yogurt you used, it’s possible the one was used was sweet enough. You certainly didn’t have to scrape it off, you could just have sprinkled a little sugar or maple syrup. I wouldn’t take out the coffee, so I wld say, just use a little (not too much) more sugar. But in any case, since you are eating the topping right along with the bottom part of the cake, it should really be OK. It is true that I go to great lengths to never make any desserts too sweet. I do love that cake. Did you make it dairy-free?

  32. Lévana
    Lévana says:

    Esther I am so glad to hear: This is my experience exactly. there’s nothing I don’t do with spelt. (even Cholent!)

    It is unfortunate that almost no bread freezes successfully for more than a couple weeks. I chalk it up to the extreme sponginess and porousness of bread in general: No matter how airtight you make the package, all other freezer odors intrude. And then it starts looking ragged around the edges too! I say, Let the loaves cool, wrap them in 2-3 layers of plastic, don’t let any part open, use it soon, and keep your fingers crossed!

  33. Lévana
    Lévana says:

    Dear Levana,

    I downloaded your spelt challah recipe and made it with such success! It came out better than my normal challah, with many compliments from those who did not even need to eat the spelt one!

    Many thanks.

    One question: what is the best way to freeze challah – either normal or spelt – because sometimes I wrap it in foil (after cooling), sometimes I wrap it in baking paper, sometimes I put it in a plastic bag and I have also tried to freeze it at the raw, just plaited stage. The problem is that there are times when it tastes awful and other times when it tastes wonderful and I cannot put my finger on which method is the best – they all seem to fluctuate.

    I welcome your advice and congratulate
    you on your amazing work

    Drishat shalom
    Esther, London

  34. Lévana
    Lévana says:

    Hello husband of nearly 39 years,

    I must side with you on this one. Put in all your seasonings at cooking time. Adjust your seasonings to the finished dish. If your wife’s dish still doesn’t seem to reflect all the good stuff she put in after all her good work, then she should reconsider: It simply might not be a good recipe, it might just come from a cookbook using mediocre ingredients. In your 39 years of marriage (many many more) you must have had many occasions to express this: There ain’t nothin’ like the real thing, baby!

  35. Lévana
    Lévana says:

    Is there a time when to add dry wine to a roast or poultry dish and also salt and other condiments. My wife says ,she added salt etc and wine and yet the dish does not seem to have salt etc. added. I want to compliment her but there is “but” halting being nice.
    RESPECTFULLY, A husband of nearly 39 years. ISAAC

  36. Lévana
    Lévana says:

    hi Francine,
    My sister also uses it. Haven’t had much luck with it so far, but I will continue to tinker with it. The thing they totally play down about it is, it’s entirely nut-based, and as you know, quite a few people are allergic to tree nuts, so it makes the product much less than ideal!

  37. Lévana
    Lévana says:

    Have you ever heard of the product Mimic Creme? It is Kof K pareve and it is made from almonds and cashews. I have used their cream with different variations and have made strawberry icecream, coffee icecream, vanilla icecream with chocolate bits, and mint chocolate chip icecream. My husband is lactose intolerant and this product seems to agree with him better than tofu. I also used it to make a pareve blintz souffle for Shavuoth. I enjoy your cookbooks and recipes.
    Francine Flaks

  38. pessy
    pessy says:

    in response to your march 2nd answer. are you kidding??? you young people? in technology years i’m beyond ancient…

  39. pessy
    pessy says:

    and the freezing? if im making a whle bunch of desserts and want to freeze some in advance? should this be one of them?

  40. Lévana
    Lévana says:

    The answer to your questions is a chemist’s answer: I add the tofu to bulk up the white mixture and mitigate the richness of the cheese. Imagine getting ALL that volume from cream cheese or mascarpone? It would be insanely rich. For a dairy tiramisu: u would leave the recipe as is, using an ounce container cream cheese and a pint plain yogurt instead of the tofu and the tofu cream cheese, and proceed with the recipe exactly as instructed.

  41. pessy
    pessy says:


    my mouth is still watering from monday nights class. i had to leave early just in time to miss the food and i cant quench my appetite.
    so im going to make that tiramisu.
    but i’d like to do it dairy. should i just replace the cream cheese and silken tofu with an equal weight mascarpone or just replace the cream cheese and ignore the silken tofu?

    Also, do you think tiramisu freezes well?

    And btw, i loved loved how you use the sponge cake and toast it first! creative!

  42. Lévana
    Lévana says:

    Hi Yehudis Devorah,

    Now with all due respect: Why on earth should I find it NECESSARY to make only gluten-free cookies? Why on earth should the whole nation be put on a GF diet if only a small percentage suffers from celiac disease? I resent ALL forms of fundamentalism, in every area, and nutrition is certainly no exception.

    The idea is, rather, to explore with the whole gamut of whole grains, many of them low gluten. I discuss this subject at great length in my new cookbook, coming out any day now! I think you will really enjoy it!

  43. Lévana
    Lévana says:

    I just spent Shabbos with someone who made your chocolate chip cookies, and all of us could not stop eating them – they are delicious!!

    But, I just wanted to know, in reference to GF cooking, in your recipes that call for either regular or gluten-free flour, do you not see it necessary to add other ingredients into the recipe and not simply just substitute a GF flour for a regular flour? I always find that if you substitute GF flour in a recipe, the consistency changes and other ingredients are added to avoid that problem…is it not generally necessary?

    Thank you!
    Yehudis Devorah Gordon

  44. Lévana
    Lévana says:

    Hi Rivka,
    vacuum-packed chestnuts are on sale in every kosher supermarket, and several non-kosher ones.
    Fresh spinach no problem.
    Have a great Yom Tov,

  45. rivkas
    rivkas says:

    Hi Levana,
    I just came across the kosher lepesach recipe for mushroom chestnut soup. It sounds delicous-where can I get the vacuum packed roasted chestnuts kosher lepesach? Also, would fresh spinach work in the tricolor fish terrine recipe? My parents are coming to me for yom tov, my father is very strict about pesach and my husband is more lenient so I am looking for recipes that can have both of them happy.Also for the terrine Many thanks and best wishes for chag kasher vesameach.

  46. Lévana
    Lévana says:

    Hope, it’s so nice to hear from you! Just as I was going to post my recipe for Hammentashen with Gluten-free variations, in time for Purim, I received your request along with several others, so here comes!
    Have a delicious and fun Purim, and I hope we work together again, especially as my book is coming out very soon (June) and is chock-full of fabulous quick and easy meals. All the best, Levana

  47. Lévana
    Lévana says:

    Hi Levana. I hope all is well. The ladies of Livingston are loving your cookbooks and still talking about your thanksgiving demo in November. I myself just recently tried your matbucha and taboulleh to rave reviews.

    Do you have a healthy hamantash recipe? We are now trying to limit our gluten and
    sugar intake. Would love to know your ideas for pastry and fillings.
    Hoping all is well with you,
    Best regards, Hope

  48. pessy
    pessy says:

    Dearest Levana,

    Last night was fabulous! i love the change of venue. so much more convivial.

    I am constantly impressed with how you keep up with the constant tech innovations; facebook, twitter, blogging, etc while still maintaining your high quality, deliciousness with your personal touch.

    You are simply amazing. And its such a pleasure to be able to participate.

    Love Pessy

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      Pessy it was so nice seeing you! I love love love giving the demos at my house, and by all accounts so do my guests!
      Hummm, I never thought I’d live to see the day anyone would compliment me on how I keep up to date with Technology. I might be using at the most 5% of the tools available out there: Cooking, writing, teaching? No problem! Posting pictures, writing promotional copy, updating etc… now that’s a real challenge for me: All the stuff you young people practically do in your sleep, I lose sleep on!!!
      Let’s do it again soon, OK? xoxoxp

  49. elana
    elana says:


    obviously i am a fan. i love the books, etc.

    i was recently talked into, by my co-workers, into purchasing a slow cooker. by the time i get home from work it’s close to 7pm. this is too late to begin cooking dinner for family – especially when my 6 year old needs to be in bed by 8 pm.

    i have found only one kosher slow cooker cook book. it is beautiful, but just too complicated for every day cooking. i have gone on line and found some kosher recipes, but they all seem to be the same. i took out a non kosher cook book from the library, and have been modifying those recipes. but what i would really love is a good kosher slow cooker cook book full of interesting recipes that are easy to make on a daily basis {ie, minimum to no prep work before putting all of the ingredients into the cooker and pushing the button}.

    so, here is my request/suggestion. how about putting together a kosher slow cooker cook book??

    shabbat shalom

    keep cooking


    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      Hi Elana,

      Slow cooker recipes complicated? You need real talent to do that, crockpot recipes being ideally streamlined.
      Start with this
      My cookbook is scheduled to come out in June G-d willing: WE’ve been busy on the pictures, it will look beautiful, in addition to being a great big piece of work with hundreds of fabulous recipes, more than 200 of which are adaptable to the gluten-free community, and more than 200 of which are suitable for Passover: Like 3 cookbooks rolled into one!

  50. Nomi Itzhaik
    Nomi Itzhaik says:

    Hi Levana,

    Can you please e-mail me the recipe for kabucha(?) soup, which you once made for a Shabbat dinner ?

    It was so delicios!!!

    Thank you

  51. Judith from Ottawa
    Judith from Ottawa says:

    Hi Levana, hope you are doing well and keeping warm! Wonder if a
    possible shortcut might be to combine double the dry ingredients and
    keep in a jar. When you want to make muffins, you would measure out 1/2 the mixture, add the wet ingredients, and bake.

    Also, if you want to just use organic sugar or brown sugar or a mix of the two, should it be a one cup organic sugar exchange for one cup sucanat?

    Looking forward to making these!

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      yes, any other sugar will do, in equal measures, although it’s my duty to tell you if you want to stay in the spirit of “healthy”, the more wholesome the sugar the better.
      You dry mix: No problem, but where you lose me is when you say “you would measure out 1/2 the mixture, add the wet ingredients, and bake” How did you arrive at half? The only way your idea would be a valuable shortcut would be as follows: Measure the final dry ingredient mixture: For argument’s sake, let’s say it comes up to 3 cups. You can then multiply this recipe and store it in a glass jar, then when you want to make 1 muffin recipe, you take out 3 cups of that mixture. OK?

  52. Aidel K
    Aidel K says:

    Hi–just looked over the chocolate cake and chocolate sauce recipe in your recent newsletter. Looks delish! I, too, want to make it for Shabbos. I’m wondering about serving the sauce on Shabbos…will it work room temp, or should I try to find a way to keep it warmer than that? Thanks.

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      Yes yes yes room temperature is perfect! Try putting the sauce in a squirt bottle if you get ambitious and want to draw some fun shapes!

  53. laurie tobias cohen
    laurie tobias cohen says:

    Dearest Levana,

    Thank you for such a wonderful party on Sunday, and for such a wonderful son!. My shalom bayit will be much enhanced if you could share the recipes for the chicken cutlets at the event, and for the remarkable honey cake which we broke the fast on, Motzai Yom Kippur.

    Hugs and kisses,

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      Laurie it was so much fun! for some strange reason you may not have been on my newsletter list until now. The recipes you are asking for are right on my blog: Honey cake, chicken After you make the rub, smear your chicken with the rub all over. If youa re using all white add a little olive oil. Roast in a preheated 425 degrees 30 minutes for white, 40 minutes for dark! THere you go: Shalom Bayit restored! I’m glad we had this little talk! Your dear husband will be so grateful, please give him my best! Hope to see you tomorrow night at the Menorah lighting in Fort Tryon Park! Rabbi’s Mom and Dad will be there IYH!

  54. Lévana
    Lévana says:

    Tamarind powder: Kalustyans, or any sephardi grocery store. still if you don’t have it on hand skip it in you large batch rub, and add some lemon zest only in the recipe you are preparing.
    Wild rice: Trader joe, cosco, etc….
    Happy anniversary! Many many more! xoxoxo
    PS great demo this Monday if you decide to come :-)

  55. Michelle Greenwald
    Michelle Greenwald says:

    Hi Levana,

    I have already made several of the dishes from the Thanksgiving class and plan to make several more. (The carrot ginger soup is so YUM!). I have not been able to find tamarind powder for the spice rub. Where can you recommend I look? Also, where can I buy wild rice in a larger quantity than the expensive little boxes sold in the health food store? Thanks!

    PS- At your recommendation, I went to Pardes last night for my anniversary….great fun!

  56. Alicia
    Alicia says:

    Hi! I am eager to try your spelt challah recipe, but I can’t do eggs, either. If I simply omit them from the recipe will it work out? We avoid soy as well. Wheat and egg free is new to our family and challah is a favored treat. Thank you!

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      I don’t see a problem. Add a little more oil and a little more honey to get some moisture out of the dough! It won’t be an egg challah, it will be a water challah: What’s wrong with that?

  57. yael
    yael says:

    hi levana

    is there anyway to adjust the receipes for the babka cake, the corn bread and the scones to gluten free,

    i look forward to your upcoming cookbook that will have some gluten free receipes.

    thank you


  58. yael
    yael says:

    hi levana

    just received your cookbook levana cooks dairy-free, question i have celiac, receipes that have flour what kind of flour and is it the same measurement as regular flour, i cannot have spelt?



    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      Hi Yael,

      There is one-size-fits-all answer. Please run by me one of the recipes you are considering making, so I can adjust it: not everything can be adaptable to gluten-free, but you will be surprised: a lot of dishes work beautifully. You will be to knw my upcoming cookbook (coming out June 2011) has more than 300 recipes that are gluten-free-friendly

  59. Helene
    Helene says:

    Hi love the cookbooks i used to bug you to write one when i came to your apt for shabbos with crazy helen.

    anyway i am gluten free,white sugar free and dairy free.
    most of the desert recipes call for flour or other gluten products can you tell me general subsitutes for all the gluten items?

    Helene novin strumeyer

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      Hi Helene,
      I remember you well: How are you? Where do you live now?
      THere’s never a one size fits all kind of answer to your question: Why not submit to me a particular recipe of mine you might have in mind, and let me see if I can tinker with it? Meanwhile, you (and countless other readers, I trust) will be happy to know that in my upcoming cookbook, “Whole Foods for a Whole New You”, I have made gluten-free adaptations to more than 300 recipes, and all natural: So look out for it, in a few months G-d willing! Be well

  60. Lévana
    Lévana says:

    Didn’t I answer this? I could swer I did. Yes of course chill it until firm, then use this filling on the baked shell!

  61. Cindy Hirsch
    Cindy Hirsch says:

    I am making the lemon curd tart that is in your Levana’s Table cook book and don’t know if I am suppose to refrigerate the curd after it cools down. I plan to make the crust tomorrow. It looks like a liquid right now and I followed the instructions.

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      Faya cutie pie, you should know something about my CCC: all that cookie-stealing business from my next door little Kugels really paid off! Seriously: I have never saw a little cookie get so much mileage: It started with the Million Dollar Cookie Project almost 10 years ago (do you remember that?) and nver stopped. Best proof that Mitzvah Goreret Mitzvah! Have a great Yom tov Y’all!!! xoxoxo

  62. Toby
    Toby says:

    A few weeks ago you listed salmon roulade. Any chance you’d share the recipe. BTW, about once a week I’m making the Tilapia Rolls with Feta. It’s a keeper. Also do you have any recipes incorporating
    Have an easy fast.

  63. Michelle Greenwald
    Michelle Greenwald says:

    Hi Levana,
    I’m “plotzing” to make the fava bean soup from a few weeks ago, but have not found the dried peeled fava beans, and I just can’t bear the idea of peeling them all. Where did you buy yours and what should the label say? I have seen them in the freezer section in Pomegranate. Is frozen an acceptable substitute and would the amount be the same? Thanks a bunch!


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