Hannah Kaminsky: Vegan Desserts

You will all love Hannah Kaminsky’s luscious new Vegan Dessert Book: The girl can not only bake, she can also take fabulous pix, as you can plainly see above. I had the pleasure of working with her when she did the food styling for the pictures of my new cookbook.

Oh I know what you are thinking: how can it be good without eggs, butter, cream? A little like saying: How can I knit that hat with my hands tied behind my back, right? Wrong! There’s nothing in the world of sweeteners, flours, milks, extracts, fruits, Hannah doesn’t avail herself of. And she uses the whole gamut to the hilt: And let me tell you: the results are simply glorious! This cook is very devoted to exploring very much the same philosophy: all those of you familiar with my book Levana Cooks Dairy-Free! will no doubt concur!
So no need whatsoever for you to be vegan: When it’s good it’s good, period. The integrity of Hannah’s  flavors and ingredients, the honesty of her preparations, and the practical way she streamlines everything and gets it to come all together into something irresistible and good for you are simply amazing! The only thing that could possibly be more beautiful than her book is the desserts themselves! And the price is absolutely right! A woman after my own heart!