Chocolat à Toute Heure: Which means, chocolate anytime.

That’s right, not only in minor emergencies such as an attack of the munchies. You can have it for dinner too, as in this fabulous bean dish and chicken dish: how liberating is that?

Of course we are only talking about dark chocolate, not chocolate candy and bars: Sorry guys, but really, give dark chocolate a real chance. Dark chocolate not only tastes delicious but also imparts many health benefits. They are rich in antioxidants and polyphenols that may contribute to heart health, reduce blood pressure, and lower cholesterol.

I go to great lengths not to mention product brands anywhere, especially the bad ones,  for various reasons, and chocolate is no exception. I do better than talk brands: I talk contents. Read the labels: If the ingredient list begins with chocolate or cocoa as the case may be, listing sugar second or third, you are in good shape even if the brand is not a glamorous one. It’s those mediocre chocolate product brands that list sugar as the primary ingredient or are labeled “chocolate-flavored drops” that look like chocolate but have only traces of it, and taste miserable and ruin all our preparations. I ask you: Who needs it? So, ignore those brands called Heimish, which only contain traces of chocolate and loads of sugar, and go for the real thing: More chocolate less sugar, as in price club brands, even supermarket brands, and all those wonderful imported chocolate brands that come out of the woodwork around Passover: I always wonder about these: Where do they spend the rest of the year? Probably in Switzerland: Not fair! People, please unite and ask your local kosher supermarkets to please carry the good chocolate brands! so, here comes!