Healthy Brunch

Healthy brunch

This year Lag Baomer fell on a Sunday. We double dated for a healthy brunch that would double as a sort of antidote to the traditional rich BBQ foods, only in reverse. 

Healthy Brunch Foods

I am not using hyperbole when I say I wish I could live on these foods at every meal. Healthy brunch à toute heure: what’s not to love? Frittatas, scones, whole grain breads, good spreads and preserves, smoked fish? Yes, give it to me!

Cheese Dishes Hacks

Strong full bodied cheeses go a much longer way in your dairy dishes than mild ones do. This means you need less to make a dish cheesy and delicious. Don’t think mozzarella, think manchego, parmesan, pecorino, roquefort, cheddar. Even in Pizza and pasta!

Here is what I served, and it’s ALL in my new cookbook, coming out any day. I hope it gives you some ideas: When I described the menu to my children, they asked me to make exactly this for one of the Shavouot meals: I might add just a fish dish and I’ll be all set! The best part is, I baked all my goodies with spelt flour, as I always do: those blueberry scones were out of this world!