Mason and Mug

Mason and Mug Restaurant: Exciting New Kosher Digs.

 Mason and Mug Restaurant in Prospect Heights New York:

 Frankly I am feeling slightly impatient about the bewildering proliferation of oversized overpriced overrated over-everything Kosher steakhouses. I know this for sure: All over the NYC area, midtown guys, downtown guys will greatly welcome a lunch and dinner place that serves loads of healthy salads, soups, sandwiches, fish, pasta etc….. Opening yet ANOTHER place? I beg you please consider this! All these entrepreneurs that keep saying “we open steakhouses because that’s what guys like only succeed in giving the guys a bad name, and making them pay through the nose. Besides, what harried Wall Street worker has time for a $150.00 meal at 1 pm on a weekday? Seriously: Whats the big deal about steak dinner? Gosh people can’t you whip up a good steak in your own kitchen at a fraction of the price, and in minutes, not only for you but for a bunch of guests, with wine and a good movie, no babysitter needed, and call it a night?

But to order and enjoy the perfect bite, made with sizzling  seasonal natural ingredients and an unerring eye for flavor and texture, ah, yes, now that interests me!

Go check out Mason & Mug in Prospect Heights Brooklyn

There are just a short train ride away from wherever you are in the city. They are Chalav Israel, and under the Kosher Supervision of Rabbi Ari Kirschenbaum and Rabbi Avrohom Marmorstein. My rough estimate is, four-five small plates will amount to a delicious dinner, all affordable. Go for the smaller small plates, pictured, and wait for the larger small plates (cheese tray, smoked fish tray) to get whipped into shape before ordering.

Mason and Mug is where I go for a perfect Umami pick-me-up.

Everything else is delightful, with a really nice wine and beer selection. Chef -owner Itta Werdiger Roth can cook! It doesn’t hurt that her partner Sasha is so lovely. And the place looks fantastic, the setting colorful, funky and fun, perfectly at home in its Prospect Heights surroundings.  Chef Itta adds new items regularly and posts them on her page. So sorry I am missing pictures of her fantastic kale, potato and lentil soup, and the jar of homemade pickles. What delicious soup and salad will be on the menu At MAson and Mug this coming week? How about dessert?

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  1. Joe Blank
    Joe Blank says:

    My mother appreciated your generosity in sending over a batch of your chocolate chip cookies. She is not into “sweets”, but thought your cookies were great.
    The other day she inadvertently left a few in the lounge of her Assisted Living facility, and they disappeared. Needless to say, my mother was very upset. Two days later an elderly resident came by, apologized for taking the cookies and then raved that the cookies had been the best he had ever tasted. Due to the age of the resident, you can take the compliment as being precious and well-deserved.
    Yesterday, my mother accidentally dropped one of the coconut cookies in her tea. She fished it out, ate it and immediately called to say that you had made her day. The cookie was wonderful, especially dunked.
    Many thanks.

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      Joe I’m so glad!
      About the “chivalrous” cookie thief: There must be some legalities about being overage, just like there is about being underage, when it comes to accountability. Poor guy couldn’t help it! So: moot point. Joe I tell you what I think my idea of a mitzvah would be. To make a huge batch of delicious cookies for the all the residents, with plenty of tea to dunk them in, no need for anyone to pilfer them, just help yourself! How about that? If you help me pull this off (logistics part), then we’re a team!
      Looking forward to our Friday night date (please confirm)!

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