Shavuot is one of my favorite holidays:

All our forbidden foods are there! Yeah, the ones we love to hate!
Seriously: It’s not just OK to enjoy dairy, but it is highly recommended! We only live once, right?

You’re gonna LOVE my mega Shavuot Recipes!

There’s so many of them, scroll down, you’ll see! My – usually virtuous enough – students and readers have asked me specifically to go all out for my Shavuot Dishes. “With Cheeeeese!!!” one of them even gushed via email in bold print!

I’m starring mostly dairy treats here! Yeah, all those foods we love to hate are right up here! You asked for the Shavuot splurge! The good news is, many of them, in fact most, can easily be made pareve, using as always all-natural ingredients: That’s all I ever have eyes for!

Planning your menu for Shavuot dishes

Guys, please have a heart and do not include too many dairy dishes at the same meal, or you’ll risk getting too cheesy. So please find a good balance of Shavuot Dairy Classics with some other, more tame dishes. Take a look at this Shavuot Feast we recently hosted. My blog has no end of fish dishes and vegan dishes to balance out the dairy ones.

Here then are some of my great dairy Shavuot favorites.