Shavuot Lunch can be tricky:

It too often errs on the dairy side!

Let me start by saying I have a huge selection of Shavuot dishes on my blog! It includes lots of my favorite dairy recipe compositions.

This Yom Tov we are hosting just one meal, Shavouot lunch.
In this Shavuot lunch menu, as with all other menus, Here is my recommendation: Play up the Trademark ingredient (here: Dairy), but don’t play it up so much that it becomes repetitive and tiresome. Or worse, prohibitively rich. Have a heart, will you? Take a look at this Shavuot lunch menu: If you have dairy ingredients starring in pasta, salad and lemon cake, then I recommend you balance the rest of your menu with some fish and other pareve dishes, and call it a day.

Seaweed butter: Nothing to it, and delicious!

Umami flavors at their best! All I did was soak 1/2 cup dried seaweed (any seaweed will do: wakame, arame etc…) with very hot water to cover. Let the mixture rest a few minutes. The seaweed will absorb the liquid, and swell and soften. Transfer to a food processor and blend with 1 cup of butter or vegan butter, with a little sea salt and pepper. Use it on toast or as a dip, or use a dollop on fish (even steak or chicken, if you used vegan butter)

Here’s my Shavuot lunch menu: A Banquet, I should call it!

All dishes are at Room Temperature. Except what needs to be served chilled (poached salmon, soup, lemonade) cold feasts