chocolate truffles

Chocolate Truffles Recipe. All Variations

Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate raspberry truffles

They are nothing but troublesome have around (of course you already knew that!) but they are a snap to make. Plus vegan, luxurious, luscious.

I am including all variations. The raspberry truffles are gorgeous. I would walk miles for the Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Truffles, my favorite. But trust me: All of them are worth making. I always make a double or triple batch, and use them as gifts everywhere I go. They boost my popularity in minutes, with all kids big and small. I only frequent chocolate lovers, it’s much delicious this way!

Perfect Chocolate Truffles: 2 Ingredients!

Chocolate truffles

That’s right: TWO ingredients, but you must stick to them, because they are the secret

Coconut cream


Dark Chocolate chips

Coconut cream   Repeat: Coconut CREAM. Not coconut milk that you refrigerate, then skim off the top, et… but the whole can of pure coconut cream. Not to be confused with “Cream of Coconut”, which a sweetened baking and cocktail mix, you don’t want that.

Dark Chocolate Chips At 69-70% chocolate or even a little more, they are at the perfect cocoa/sugar ratio.

Raspberry Powder

This raspberry powder is magical, just as its label promises. It smells like perfume. It looks like ruby dust. A little goes a long way. It takes lemonade and smoothies to a transcendant level; a little of it thrown in muffins and custard delivers delivers a huge layer of flavor without derailing the moisture content of your recipe. And it makes a gorgeous coating for the truffles.

Chocolate truffles Keep Very Well

Chocolate Truffles Recipe. All Variations

You might want to double or triple the recipe, then take them places: divide the mixture and add the flavor of your choice to each smaller batch.

It is lots of fun to wrap the chocolate truffles in colored foil wrappers. And so pretty. In. This case of course, no rolling the truffles in cocoa or other powder.
Pictured opposite are my hazelnut chocolate truffles. The wrapper is wannabe copycat. And sure enough, they look and taste like Ferrero Rocher has nothing on mine!

You will find no end of clear candy boxes, all sizes and shapes. You can also use tiny shopping bags, but I find that the clear containers create more drama, and hold more promise and excitement. They scream chocolate a mile away!



I use the green wrappers for Peppermint chocolate truffles, silver for Espresso Bourbon, red for Berry, and brown for Sea Salt Caramel. The foil wrappers make you look like a pro! So cool! And then there are more colors, so more flavors. An assortment makes the perfect gift!

I found the 4-inch square foil wrappers perfect for the truffles: Easy, and neat.




  • 1 14-15 oz can Coconut cream
  • 3 1/2 cups bittersweet Dark Chocolate Chips, or about 20 ounces grated bittersweet chocolate
  • Flavor of your choice (suggestions follow)
  • Cocoa powder, confectioners sugar or raspberry powder, or crushed nuts, or shredded coconut, for rolling the chocolate truffles


In a small saucepan set on a low flame, place the coconut cream and the chocolate. Whisk until the mixture is just melted, making sure it is perfectly smooth. You can also microwave the mixture for 1 1/2 minutes, and mix thoroughly. Add the flavor of your choice at this point, and mix throughly.

Refrigerate the mixture until set, a couple hours or even overnight. Handling minimally, shape into little balls (do not smooth: leave them a little bumpy, that is the trademark of truffles).

If you are wrapping the truffles, as shown above, skip this step.
Roll the truffles into cocoa powder, or confectioner’s sugar, or raspberry powder. I you display them together  prettily, you will get a beautiful brown-red-white pattern. Keep refrigerated and tightly covered in plastic wrap until serving time.

Alternatively, roll the truffles in chocolate sauce (1 cup chocolate chips melted with 1 tablespoon oil), grated coconut or coarsely ground toasted nuts instead of cocoa powder.

Chocolate Truffle flavors.
The possibilities are endless, pretty soon you will add your own flavors to my repertoire! 

  • Sea Salt and Caramel: My great favorite.  A fancy sea salt will not be a waste here.  1 tablespoon sea salt and 1 tablespoon pure caramel extract (health food stores, or online. In a pinch, settle for Starbucks caramel syrup).
  • Espresso bourbon: 1 tablespoon instant espresso powder, decaf OK, and 1/4 cup bourbon.
  • Peppermint: a few drops peppermint extract (health food stores).
  • Nut: 1/2 cup coarsely chopped toasted hazelnuts or pecans to the mixture. Or place a toasted hazelnut in the center of each truffle.
  • Raspberry: stir in 1/3 cup raspberry powder into the melted cocoa mixture.
  • Peanut butter: Add 1/2 cup smooth peanut butter.
  • Spicy: Get racy!  Add one (just one!) of the following:  all ground: 1 tablespoon wasabi, 1 teaspoon matcha green tea powder, 1/4 teaspoon cayenne, 2 tablespoons cinnamon, 2 tablespoons ginger, 1 tablespoon cardamom, 2 tablespoons orange zest.
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  1. shailesh
    shailesh says:

    amazing recipe.. I am a food lover and food blogger..
    I am addicted to exploring new food..
    This is my 2nd time visit here, and
    I want to thank u because I have tried this
    recipe on my first visit to GrandMaa and the best
    thing is she liked it so much..
    thanks for this great recipe.. well written..!!

  2. Roz Mermelstein
    Roz Mermelstein says:

    Levana, can you substitute coconut milk for almond milk, and substitute coconut oil for vegetable oil.
    thanks you in advance! Roz

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      Roz, Might you mean can you substitute almond milk for coconut milk, and can you substitute vegetable oil for coconut oil? The answer to both is no. The almond milk and the vegetable oil will never firm up, whereas the coconut milk and the coconut oil will. And that is what we need for the truffles!

  3. Angela S Shuskey
    Angela S Shuskey says:

    You can also take any cheesecake recipe and make truffles…my faves are German Chocolate, White Chocolate Raspberry and Carrot Cheesecake. For a spicy kick add sweet chili pepper/sauce to a basic truffle recipe.

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      Angela, the only way is to try. Obviously they will not be chocolate truffles. So if your question is, can you take a cheesecake recipe, or any recipe for that matter, and shape it into balls, the answer is, of course! Now why would that be called truffles, I don’t know. But if they ALL include chocolate, then yes, they deserve the name. White chocolate is simply…. not chocolate…. German chocolate is certainly chocolate.

  4. risa
    risa says:

    can these be frozen instead of refrigerated?
    how long do they keep in the fridge (or freezeer if you know)?
    thank you

  5. pessy
    pessy says:

    what to do if there’s no rice milk powder?
    are these the same as those perfect little gems i tasted at your mother’s…a few years ago, but not forgotten about…

  6. Rivka aka chocoholic
    Rivka aka chocoholic says:

    Levana, your sea salt and caramel truffles were creamy and delicious. Thanks for sharing them with your neighbors ‘down under’. :)

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      Aren’t they? I have a chocoholic neighbor. I had coffee with her and her husband last night, and brought my sea salt caramel truffles over. And…. she fell totally silent. She couldn’t talk… She was busy…. Absorbed in a totally worshipping pose:-))))

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      Rivkie You must be laughing your head off: I didnt realize it was YOU who sent me this message, so I answered you telling you the truffles story: Duh!!!! Since the recipe is posted and I got much feedback for it, I just thought it was one of the readers!

    • Lévana
      Lévana says:

      Look in the post in just a few minutes. I have included the sea salt caramel variation

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