At the lovely home of Chana and Chaim Grey

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So much fun presenting this Cooking Demo for such distinguished company: Thank you to the hosts Chana and Chaim Grey for opening their lovely home to such a worthy cause, to Rabbi Yerucham Cohen and all his dedicated work, to all the assistants that helped make this evening such a success: Devorah, Karen, Shayna, Chani, to Yeoshua for his delicious wines and liquor.

The theme for this demo was: Simple and Elegant Summer Feast. As its name promised, dinner was ready in under two hours, for sixty guests, a real feast. Incidentally, our whole menu was gluten-free! Here you go y’all: Enjoy the Complete Menu and Recipes! All but one Recipe (the Pasta) is excerpted from my latest cookbook, The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen. Oh gosh I just love it when people tell me “Levana, with you it’s different: you just LOVE to cook!” You mean, I love to cook better than NOT to cook? Get real, right? Please allow me to tweak this gushing but somewhat incomplete statement. I, YOU, WE have to cook, cuz we have to eat, everyday, remember?

Please don’t believe the myth that ALL Jewish housewives make reservations; cut them a little slack, will you? What I do LOVE is not to cook, exactly, but to share with my students, readers and demo guests how I have spend my life developing recipes, from plain to luxurious, that are wholesome, simple, un-fussy, and showing them how they can do it too, easily and deliciously! I hope I can be excused for the feeling of triumph it gives me and all who watch me in action. Quite rewarding! So, here comes!