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Levana Cooking Demos: the Portable Feast!

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Levana Cooking Demos Going Strong

Dear friends,

For the past thirty years I have been fortunate to  host weekly cooking demos, at the 92nd Street Y, at Lincoln Square and in my very home. We’ve had some incredible times together: good food and good company have always been a recipe for a fantastic evening. I am so lucky to have gotten to know so many of my readers and create such wonderful memories, and more importantly, made confident fearless cooks out of so many of them! With my schedule getting increasingly busy, thank G-d, with book tours around the country, with my latest cookbook, it is time to wrap up our weekly demos and begin a new phase of Levana Cooking demos.

Oh no, I won’t stop giving my Levana Cooking Demos, Heaven forbid! Exactly the opposite: I want to turn them into a Portable Feast, in other words come right in your neighborhood, in your own home, classroom, synagogue, party room, community center or office, anywhere in the New York area, and let you and your guests get ready for an exciting and delicious evening: Dinner and a Show! I’m taking the show on the road!
The best part is, for the same flat price, you can make your group as large as you would like, up to even 80 guests! Keep reading!

I help you chose, personalize and develop the demo theme and menu for your occasion; as you know I have no end of fabulous demo themes and menus up my sleeve, and new stars are born regularly!

What occasion might call for a demo/dinner party?
  • A fund raiser for any organization
  • A date with friends who enjoy cooking as much as you do: we can format this as a workshop or a seminar, where all guests participate, for groups of 10 and under.
  • A Sheva Brachot party
  • A bridal shower party
  • A birthday party
  • An office party
  • A group of older friends or colleagues looking to simplify and streamline the preparation of their meals along healthy guidelines, even if it means cooking only for one!
  • A group of high school pre- or post-graduate children looking to get primed for cooking on their own.
  • Young brides setting up house along wholesome and sensible guidelines
  • Empty nesters looking to streamline their meals, nutritiously and with no fuss.
  • Young busy moms feeding their families in a jiffy, in good health and in style

Please go to the following link for all information on how to book me for a cooking demo, then let’s talk!

See you at Levana Cooking Demos!

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  1. Angela Colombo
    Angela Colombo says:

    Hi Levana,

    Would you be interested in doing a promotional event? My partner and I are hosting/organizing a holiday sale on Nov. 17 of handmade in NYC artists and crafters. There will be everything from jewelry to artwork to fabric items from hand silk screened items to iphone and ipad covers made of vintage fabric. Handbags too! Really great stuff. We are looking for a few people to do demos in exchange for a free space and the chance to promote your business. We would promote you in our press release, which goes to TIMEOUT NY and 300 other press outlets and on our facebook page and many other ways that we can discuss. You would not have to be there the whole time, we could make it an event that lasts as long or as short as you like. The location is in SOHO, a great spot for foot traffic and a great demographic. Let me know if you’re interested!

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