Moroccan Feast: one of the things I am best known for!

As you know I cook up a storm, along every imaginable (of course always healthy) guideline, playing on every imaginable theme. But making an All Moroccan Feast makes me especially happy, not only because it is my personal favorite, but it makes my guests positively swoon with anticipation and delight. My latest Moroccan Feast was just this past Sunday, for my niece Myriam’s Sheva Brachot, and I was determined to make absolutely everything. Even my flowers were arranged in Moroccan pottery and copper containers: I have no end of them from my catering days.

The only not-so-Moroccan items I served were some dips before setting up the buffet, so the buffet looks good when guests arrive, my CCC (no party without them!) and a fabulous and super easy berry fruit salad.

Here’s what I love about our Moroccan Cuisine:

Besides of course how delicious it is and how beautiful it looks, no matter how extensive the menu gets for a Moroccan Feast when we pull out all stops, it is always wholesome, and therefore the sum total of the numerous small dishes we serve still amounts to a sensible menu. It goes without saying that I spread our favorite most vibrant flavors really thick: Preserved lemons, olives, almonds, mint, my Moroccan dry Spice rub, and of course fillo-based treats and great tips on fillo


As long as are making a Moroccan Feast:

Preserved Lemons, Turmeric, Saffron  (a little goes a very long away!) and Orange Flower Water are some of our wonderful staples!

So, here it is, menu, recipes and all. Enjoy!

Moroccan Feast Menu

Assorted Chips, Nuts, Olives and Dips, Guacamole