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My Demo at De Gustibus Last Week!

De Gustibus: Pleasure seeing your crew and cooking with you again!

An All-Moroccan Feast: Yum! As delicious as it was easy, and of course all natural, all excerpted from my new cookbook, The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen: Judge for yourself from the thank-you note Salvatore Rizzo, director of De Gustibus,  sent me:

“On behalf of all of us at De Gustibus Cooking School, I would like to thank you for a wonderful class yesterday.  Your fans enjoyed the dishes you prepared and I know many are planning to replicate them at home.  It was wonderful to have you back after a long hiatus!  The dishes were truly delicious and perfect for the busy mom.  I know many of the guests, upon leaving the school, could not stop raving about the class.  Congratulations on the book, it’s beautiful, and I wish you much continued success”

Demos at De Gustibus are great fun.

It is most conveniently located on the eighth floor of Macy’s Department Store.  Their kitchen is the kitchen I wish on everyone of us! I was invited before, as well as several of our chefs at Levana Restaurant, and always admired their state of the art kitchen, but recently Sal has put in some more changes: Ideally functional and streamlined!
I was tickled pink when Sal told me one of the guests and a long-time fan, Linda, missed a day of work just so she could attend my demo!
So much nice feedback from this demo: See what The Kosher Scene wrote!
Attention all Kosher Guests: De Gustibus invites a few Kosher Chefs every year. All food is prepared in advance in a kosher kitchen, then gets served in their kitchen, all under strict Orthodox Rabbinical Supervision. And the wine is graciously donated, and discussed, by Shlomo Blashka, of Royal Wine Corporation. So next time you see a kosher demo advertized at DeGustibus, please come: It’s quite an experience!
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  1. Perrie
    Perrie says:

    I was wondering where to obtain kosher miso and dashi. I have been doing some vegan recipes and these ingredients are often mentioned. Perhaps you know where I can get them? Thanks!

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