Thank You Dear Coco Chocolates! My Review

Dear Coco Chocolates are the latest homemade chocolate sensation. And I mean it literally: Dear Coco Chocolates come in the most unexpected flavors, and the best part is, it works beautifully.

These tiny gems remind me of the French proverb: “Les meilleurs extraits sont dans les petites bouteilles”. When it is this delicious, it hits the spot much faster, all you need is the perfect bite and call it a day…. until the next craving…..

I think after all the tumult Trader Joe’s Chocolate Chips caused this week, I have the perfect antidote: New Chocolate Kid on the block: Dear Coco Chocolates. Rachelle Ferneau, the owner, had the inspiration to send me some samples of her chocolate truffles, all twelve flavors in a cool lucite-like box, where you can take a sneak preview of the coming attractions:

Here are all the wonderful flavors, plus the flavor of the month they regularly develop.

Conscious of the fact I might have something precious in my charge, I called on my husband and my neighbors, serious chocolate addicts all, and I even got some unexpected members of the jury for good measure: my neighbors’ children, perched on high chairs, their hands outstreched. Wow I thought kids only like M&M: Sorry dearest little Kugel Kids, I was wrong about you!

We have all been at tastings, and have all experienced the moment when all falls quiet: It means only one thing: It’s fabulous!
Which flavor do I recommend? All, no exception. The texture is ideally smooth, and shelf stable, which is an express invitation to order them for friends and ourselves as they will travel beautifully. Each chocolate sits obediently in its little groove, without any help from those pesky foil cups, leaving the look clean and luxurious.

The integrity of the artisanal preparations will not be lost on you: You don’t even need to be a sniffing dog like me to detect the superior caliber of the chocolate and the pure flavoring ingredients. Chocolate goes everywhere, and no flavor is too bold or too exotic to try, au contraire! Chocolate with chili, green tea, sea salt, and whatnot? You bet! I myself do it all the time and it works just great! I should add they are 100% dairy-free, making them ideally suited for Kosher diners after a meat meal, dairy-intolerant diners, and vegan diners alike: One big ecstatic family of chocolate worshippers!

Visit Dear Coco‘s site, be grateful you can’t eat the paper, and behave yourselves until your box arrives in the mail! This is the kind of trouble I wish upon you every day of your lives!