School Lunch: Dearest Little Musia, You’ve Got Mail!

A few months ago, my granddaughter Musia sent a letter to the Mayor’s Office, pouring her heart out about the deplorable state of the School Lunch Programs, and sent her letter with a petition signed by all the girls in her school. Her idea was simple and beautifully expressed in her own words: A mayor who cared about people’s excessive smoking, and poor drinking and eating habits, surely would care to improve lunch programs for children everywhere in New York. The other point she made was, why on earth does everyone keep saying “Well, this food is what children like”, even as whole school lunches were shoved straight into the garbage almost untouched. Above is the Mayor’s reply to her. Who knows, if and when those abysmal school lunches do improve one day, Please remember to give Musia credit for getting the ball rolling, along with some other trailblazers!

Here it most of her letter:


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  1. Rachel Segall
    Rachel Segall says:

    Congratulations to Musia!

    Could you please tell me about her name. Is it a nickname from Miriam? Or do you know another origin? My granddaughter is named Musia, in Hebrew, for her other grandmother, and I had never heard this name before.
    Thank you!

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