A Lovely Thing Happened on the Way to Birdland

First read this email I sent to the ticket office, it will tell the first part of the story:

I am so sorry I made a very stupid – but a very honest – mistake. Next week is my daughter’s birthday and my gift to her was Birdland-and-dinner. I realized just a little while ago I booked the wrong date: The 13th instead of the 20th. I know it is my mistake, but how can you help me salvage some of it and reserve tickets for  the date I do want: Sunday the 20th? I booked the tickets at around 1 am last night. I am a very frequent customer at Birdland and would appreciate it enormously if you could accommodate me and let me change my date to the date I had in mind all along. Next Sunday June 20th at 6pm at Birdland.

Waiting to hear form you at your earliest convenience.

Thank you so much,


Now look at what followed less than five minutes later:

I have moved your order in our system to the time requested and just emailed you a new ticket (to the email address on the order – levana@levanacooks.com not what you used below)

It is a good idea to destroy the original ticket.  If it is used by accident, it will just result in delays at the point of entry.

Best regards,


P.S.  If the email with your tickets does not arrive in the next few minutes, please check your SPAM or JUNK mail box.

I could just kiss Louis!!!! Aren’t there some nice people out there? There’s nothing like  good service! Check out Birdland!