Israeli Feast

Israeli Feast

This is the way we celebrated Israel at 70. Well what do you expect from me? I always say it with food, right? And it never fails!

My Israeli Feast Menu!

You just need to hear, see and taste. My heart was in Israel, envying all who could celebrate Yom Ha Atzmaut in person, on the spot. So my culinary preoccupation this past Shabbos was to recreate the vibrant fresh warm riotous colors and flavors of Israel: They are the perfect emanation of its people, and I love them dearly, food, people and all.

Moroccan Flavors!

I unabashedly confess I went heavy on my native Moroccan flavors. If memory serves, you never complain about that! Plus Israel is virtually pervaded with the fragrances of Sephardi flavors and fragrances; it just so happens they make a fuller statement than their more restrained (some would call it bland…) Ashkenazi counterparts….Introduce your guests to Sephardi Flavors

Don’t even hesitate. I’ve been doing it for ages. You know what risk you’re taking? Your guests will beg to come back!

Here’s how I topped off my Israeli Feast:

Chocolate Halvah Pie

My piece de Resistance: I am ridiculously proud of it.

I love me a challenging dessert, and go to any length to make it as streamlined and healthy as it can possibly get. I created, in the nick of time (Shabbos lunch), a raw vegan Chocolate Halvah Pie that celebrated in full some of the most beloved Israeli Flavors: Honey, Halvah, Tehina, Chocolate, Rose Petals. An All-Star dessert! I tell you, they were falling like flies! Thinking I got myself in enough trouble, I quit while I was ahead: I served no other dessert, just this one, with a mean cold brew. I like to serve my coffee decaf, strong and black, and I always sell it out.

Zaatar-Rubbed Laffa!

Zaatar rubbed Laffa

I served my Israeli Feast with quantities of

Nothing to it: Get your laffa (I bought mine at Grill 212; they make their own: Fabulous!) nice and warm on the blech, then brush the tops with olive oil, and sprinkle liberally with zaatar. It is a real dunkin’ party: Plenty of saucy treats to dunk it in!