Healthy Brunch is easily my favorite meal

And not just mine: I and two very dear friends and neighbors often get together at brunch time, and I am forever expanding the brunch menu selection.

I always dream of food as Breakfast A Toute Heure: So much fun healthy brunch foods! My next restaurant will be a breakfast place. Just kidding. Thirty two years was a nice long run!

You will love to have leftovers of any dish. Kale is nice and sturdy, and won’t get wilted, so go ahead and enjoy it for dinner, or serve it to your hubs (I bet he was not invited to your brunch with your girlfriends, so it will be dinner for him!)

I often make a nice big batch of the green smoothie.

No bananas to get it slimy, so it will keep well until the next day.

Tofu, portobello and baby bok choy saute

Unbelievable vegan dish, and great flavor and texture combo. Super firm tofu is terrific to cook with, and so firm and substantial it’s a great choice of protein. Your omnivorous friends will thank you too!

Make a nice big batch of chickpea croutons:

They make me forget all about bread croutons. You can take them places, and they are high enough in protein to make a perfect main course in a salad. You will love them by themselves too, as a super healthy snack.

I had a batch of my magic cookie health bars in the freezer, so the whole meal tool me less then an hour. If you don’t have time to make them, you have enough exciting goodies going on even without them. A perfect cup of coffee and you are all set!

I love to peel the kiwi and freeze them. This way, everything is nice and chilled, and I don’t use any ice, which always means more flavor!

Here comes our Healthy Brunch Menu:

It is all vegan too! Good to know, because brunch often errs heavily and unnecessarily on the dairy side.

(I threw in a pouch of Levana Meal Replacement Vanilla Bean  to the smoothies and muesli for max nutrition)