Tofu baby bokchoy portobello saute

Tofu Baby Bokchoy Portobello Saute Recipe

Tofu baby bokchoy portobello saute

I was in a hardcore vegan mood when I whipped up this dish. It came out so fabulous I decided to commit it to blog memory. A perfect complete vegan and gluten-free meal. Your large skillet will be your best friend. Skillet-roasting is the way to go!

I recently fell in love with a few seasonings.

I must share them with you, as they became my best friends on those occasions where I am short on time and looking for a quick but perfect fix:

  • Ground hickory smoke. One of my friends exclaimed at my door, who’s cooking with bacon? It smells that good! Pure smoke flavor and nothing else. A little goes a long way.
  • Truffle salt. Don’t be afraid of sprinkling it everywhere, you won’t tire of it. And this is the real deal
  • New York Shuk Spices: Their mixtures are fabulous; I especially love the Baharat and the Hawayidj

Tofu baby bokchoy portobello saute is versatile

The dish is tofu-centered, so it stays. But you could use swiss chard or nappa cabbage instead of baby bokchoy; and you could use other mushrooms, or even tomatoes and zucchini instead of the portobello. And so on.

I love the spicy Chickpea Croutons

Delicious not only as a topping to side dishes and salads, but on their own as a snack, just as you would use nuts or seeds. They are a snap to make (see below), but you could easily use brown rice or other grain if you have it on hand.

Look for Super Firm Tofu:

It is amazingly dense, and will never let you down during cooking; it will hold its shape perfectly.




3 cups canned chickpeas, thoroughly drained

1 tablespoon olive oil

1-2 tablespoons hawayidj or baharat, or a combination (curry would be great too)

Salt to taste (go lightly as canned chickpeas taste salty)


1/3 cup olive oil, divided

2 pounds super firm tofu, cut the short way in 1/2 inch slices

4 large portobello mushrooms, sliced

8 baby bokchoy, cut in half

2 teaspoons hickory smoke powder

Truffle salt to taste




Preheat the oven to 350 *F.

Toss the first set of ingredients thoroughly in a bowl, then place in a baking tray in one layer. Roast for about 20 minutes, or a little longer, until nice and crisp. Store in a glass jar if you not using right away.

Work quickly so as to keep everything nice and warm: Heat some of the olive oil in a large nonstick skillet, and add the tofu. Saute quickly for a minute or 2, then turn the pieces over and saute 1-2 minutes. transfer to a platter.

Add a little oil to the skillet, and saute the mushrooms on high flame. Transfer to the same platter as the tofu.

Add a little oil to the skillet, and saute the bokchoy on high flame. Transfer to the same platter as the tofu.

While everything is warm, sprinkle with the smoke and the salt, and toss gently. Top with the chickpeas

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