Kosherfest 2012

Kosherfest 2012 Standout New Products

Kosherfest 2012 was great fun this year! I and quite a few others marveled at how the staff at Kosherfest 2012 pulled off the whole show with their hands often tied behind their backs, so soon after Hurricane Sandy, which crippled many warehouses…
Levana ecookbooks
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Levana ECookbooks: Gone Digital!

Order Levana ECookbooks for just $4.99 a copy! Levana ECookbooks are the perfect gift to yourself and your friends, at a nominal price. And all those of you who own my hard copy Cookbooks will greatly welcome my ECookbooks, identical to the…

Thank You Dear Coco Chocolates! My Review

Dear Coco Chocolates are the latest homemade chocolate sensation. And I mean it literally: Dear Coco Chocolates come in the most unexpected flavors, and the best part is, it works beautifully. These tiny gems remind me of the French proverb:…
Trader Joe Chocolate Chips

Trader Joe Chocolate Chips Going Dairy. A Gastronomic Uproar

Trader Joe chocolate chips are an age old institution. But this week they are at the center of a total uproar: They are going DAIRY! More exactly, they are going to be made in dairy equipment from now on. To name just one example, here's…
protein bars

What Price Protein? Beware those Protein Bars!

Protein Bars The whole story, with their Dark Side: Soy Protein Isolates It is really fascinating, when we are on the road, or too harried, or trying to loose a few unwanted pounds, that we can find a whole meal in the form of protein bars,…
wrap and boil cheesecloth bags

“Wrap and Boil” Bags: My Latest Kitchen Friend

Wrap and Boil Bags: A fan of my cooking demos recently bought me this very low-tech marvel: Wrap and Boil bags: I love' em: They are very elastic large expandable cheesecloth tubular pouches, sewn in at one end, so you put anything you like,…
good chocolate

More Good Chocolate, Mom, Please!

Good Chocolate or No Chocolate! Recently I mentioned to my daughter Bella I was going to Montreal soon for a demo, and she said with great urgency: "Mommy, whatever you do, make sure you go back to the store where we had those heavenly good…

Royally Annoying Review on Royal Challah Silicone Mold

The challah silicone mold It was created to obediently take on a beautiful braid's shape for dutiful but less-than-dexterous bakers. But it also elicited many comments, a few of them of a gastronomic nature, most of them of a reconstructive-surgery…
kosherfest 2011

Kosherfest 2011! My Review

Kosherfest 2011: What fun! Would it make me sound like a dinosaur if I said I remember early Kosherfest shows taking place, ages ago, with flocks of young mothers pushing strollers and turning the show into a giant lunch break in an industrial…
Heimish Store

Have Fun Shopping in a Heimish Store

A trip to the suburbs always includes a trip to a Heimish Store. Make no mistake, some of those affectionately called Heimish store are the size of a small ball park. We New Yorkers shop mostly local, and sometime the bill kills. For the…

Cheese Cheese Cheese. Natural and Kosher

I'm a cheese fiend, all resolutions for restraint notwithstanding. This morning I received a message from Chani Vogel, who with her husband Moshe manage Kosher and Natural Cheeses, requesting I sample some of  the cheese products from their…