Thanksgiving Menu: Sign of the times…..

Enjoy the Pictures of all the dishes!

Yesterday’s Thanksgiving Menu was a real triumph. Haha, don’t go by the picture above, taken from a prescient cartoon in the New Yorker Magazine just a few short years ago.

As always before the preparation of a major meal, I was determined not to cave in to the frenzy that sets in the week (sometimes weeks! Heaven Help us!) preceding Thanksgiving. I wanted to make a Thanksgiving menu that wouldn’t set me back days, and would still be full of crowd pleasers with all guests big and small. Also, no matter what my Thanksgiving menu might be, I always like to include a fresh salad, just to break the pattern of cooked dishes always associated with a Thanksgiving menu.

I wanted to make  Gluten-free Bread, not just to accommodate some GF guests, but to see how it would fly with everyone else, and it came out so good that all guests enjoyed it. I made regular bread rolls, onion and zaatar Focaccia and sun-dried tomato olive bread, with the same basic recipe. Likewise all my desserts were gluten-free, both pies were lower carb, the GF adaptation was a breeze.

Before I dig in, Please take a look at My No-Sweat Thanksgiving Feast with Recipes: It’s all there!

Here is last night’s Thanksgiving menu:

Thanksgiving Menu:

Boston Lettuce and Celery Salad with Caesar Dressing

caesar's dressing

Black Rice and Chestnuts

black rice

Our Thanksgiving menu was a major winner, with three standouts:

The gluten-free breads (Plain rolls, Onion and zaatar Focaccia, and Sun-Dried Tomato Olive Boule, with Argan Oil), the hot pepper jelly and the pecan brownie tart with cranberries.
The wonderful thing about cooking at home is, nothing goes to waste. I got myself a gallon of perfect chicken soup, just by cooking the bones and scraps in water, with a little turmeric added, for one hour. Except for the turkey and the breads, which were all wiped out, I had a good eight servings of each dish left over, including desserts. I put them all away safely and neatly in the freezer, for a Shabbos meal coming up in a just a couple weeks Please Gd.