pasta tuna sauce
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Pasta Tuna Sauce Recipe. Gluten-Free Friendly

Pasta Tuna Sauce: as funky as it gets! If it is true that opposites attract, no dish would bear this out better than this Pasta Tuna Sauce with Fennel. Tuna  and Fennel: yum! Besides, my pasta with tuna sauce is a whole new and fun way…
ricotta almond pie
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Ricotta Almond Pie Recipe. Gluten-Free Friendly

Ricotta Almond Pie is a nice departure from the traditional all-American Cheesecake! It's light and ethereal, with a wonderful almond crust and scented with lemon peel. I just made Ricotta Almond Pie for a fundraiser demo and watched it disappear…
mushroom leek quiche
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Leek Mushroom Quiche Recipe

My Mushroom quiche is just as I remember it from my lean student years, and one of my favorite French dishes. Back then, Mushroom quiche was one of the great treats we splurged on. Mushroom quiche, like all quiches, are a rich indulgence,…