Chocolate Demo

Thought I’d Share this Rave Review of my Chocolate Demo with You!

From Sharon, one of our chocolate demo guests last night: This lovely comment makes my day! And I'll bet it will make all chocolate lovers' tongues smile! So: Are You getting yourself a hammer for your kitchen? Levana, I went to last night’s…
Passover Kitchen

My Passover Kitchen Diaries: the Home Kitchen Trenches

My Passover Kitchen Talk about the ultimate Bootcamp! I mean Passover Kitchen Diaries quite literally. I was inspired by Anthony Bourdain’s masterpiece, Kitchen Confidential  to get down and dirty, pour my heart out to my readers…
cooking demo

Taking my Cooking Demo Show on the Road!

You might say I have given My Cooking Demo Shows all my life. In New York as well as around the country and beyond. Giving a Cooking Demo in a room full of fans is in my blood. You might say I am the Cooking Demo Girl. No matter what the Cooking…
protein bars

What Price Protein? Beware those Protein Bars!

Protein Bars The whole story, with their Dark Side: Soy Protein Isolates It is really fascinating, when we are on the road, or too harried, or trying to loose a few unwanted pounds, that we can find a whole meal in the form of protein bars,…
good chocolate

More Good Chocolate, Mom, Please!

Good Chocolate or No Chocolate! Recently I mentioned to my daughter Bella I was going to Montreal soon for a demo, and she said with great urgency: "Mommy, whatever you do, make sure you go back to the store where we had those heavenly good…

Review of my Cookbook by Tara Barker

Thank you so much Tara Barker for your glowing review of my Latest Cookbook! Cookbooks these days have become works of art. We display them on our coffee tables, give them our coveted, valuable kitchen counter space, we read them in bed as…

A Review of my Cookbook by Helen Schwimmer

Latest Review of my new cookbook, by Helen Schwimmer, in the Jewish Press: Thank you dearest Helen/Chaya Minna! Levana Kirschenbaum, restaurateur, master chef, cooking teacher and author, has just published the ultimate cookbook, “The Whole…
perfect turkey
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Perfect Turkey. Tips, Recipes and Leftover Ideas

Perfect Turkey: The Whole Scoop! Thanksgiving was our busiest day all the years we had our Restaurant, Levana. I suspect the reason was, beside bringing many families together and offering complete and delicious Thanksgiving meals with bells…
rosh hashanah
fruit salad
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Fruit Salad Recipes. All Variations

For Fruit Salad and all Salads: Please do not find me too finicky if I tell you I treat all salads, whether fruit salad or vegetable ones, just the same way I would a flower assortment. I always look for a short and sweet selection of colors…
bad service

Eating Out: Good Example of Bad Service

Nothing like Bad Service to put a damper on a date. See the tuna in the picture? That's what my order most decidedly didn't look like! This is My Seared Tuna, thank you very much! The other day I and a couple ladies I was meeting to discuss…
para espanol

Para Español, Oprima el Dos!

Para Español, Oprima el Dos! As a language enthusiast I have often deplored the fact that languages, against all wishes, are not contagious or transmissible by any means. In the absence of some reliable formal base, except for some language…