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Tomato Eggplant Lamb Curry Recipe. Gluten-Free

This lamb curry, like all lamb dishes, might well be my weakness. Lamb and Eggplant: A love story. The addition of tomatoes and eggplant in lamb curry is seriously spectacular. The best part is, this lamb curry dish is so simple. Once you go through the expense (honestly: not too bad for such a luxurious […]


Chicken Curry with Tomatoes and Plantains Recipe

My chicken curry stars tomatoes and plantains. Please do not substitute canned tomatoes—there will be a huge difference! Plantains come in two varieties: Green to medium ripe, and very ripe. The former are used as vegetables in stews while the latter are sweeter and less starchy, reserved for sweet side dishes and desserts. In this chicken curry, the […]


Curried Cranberry Orange Chutney Recipe

Cranberry Orange Chutney I just developed this outrageous Chutney in honor of Thanksgiving But of course I made certain to make a big batch, since chutney keeps so well and is so delicious with so many favorite foods. Plus, Cranberries are in season! So get lots of them, and freeze them, not just for Cranberry […]


Indian Pancakes Recipe. Vegan-Friendly

Indian Pancakes You will turn a traditional comfort food into an exotic and delicious meal with just a few simple tweaks. They are a snap to make and lots of fun to eat, and quite versatile. They are not just a part of my Chanukkah Latkas/Fritters Repertoire; I whip them out anytime.  They are very […]


Vegan Hollandaise Sauce Recipe. Eggs Benedict. Eggs Benny

Vegan Hollandaise Sauce is the Holy Grail: It feels like a delicious blast from the past for all diners who cannot enjoy dairy products, or can’t any more, as well as those trying to restrict their egg intake. Gluten-Free to boot, without even trying! Talk about healthy hacks! In one fell swoop, here is all my Vegan […]


Rice Dried Fruit Chicken Tajine Recipe

Rice Chicken Dried Fruit Tajine This dish gloriously showcases our Moroccan Cuisine. Sephardis are great fans of dried fruit in their dishes. This wonderful Rice Dry Fruit Chicken Tajine will easily explain why. Here’s one more! You will love this flavor lineup, and the contrasting textures. The warm seasonings emphasize the tartness and sweetness of […]


The Delicious World of Plums. Recipes

Plums, plums, plums! I get my fill of plums every summer while they are plentiful and linger until late October. Early November, and they are still there: Bring some plums home while they last! The variety of plums I love is the long, dark, sweet, plump and firm-tender, called Damson Plums. There’s nothing I don’t […]


Mixed Greens with Curried Mango Dressing Recipe

My mango dressing is bright and spicy! It is delightful not only over greens, but also with  fish or chicken, grilled or poached. The pungent curry is a wonderful foil for the fruity and tart mango. Use only as much mango dressing as will lightly coat your greens, and include with your greens some diced fresh […]


Moroccan Lamb Dried Fruit Tajine Recipe

Lamb Dried Fruit Tajine Talk about a glowing example of how a just little work can lead to a glorious feast! Such is the magic of Moroccan cooking. Stovetop Cooking is THE BEST! You will make a sensation on Passover and all year-round with this treat! What is a Tajine? It is the name of the […]


Pad Thai Recipe. All Variations

Pad Thai is the national dish in Thailand It is available at every street corner in every imaginable variation. Pad Thai is a delightful stir-fried rice noodle dish including, in any combination, fish or chicken, eggs, vegetables, tofu, peanuts, and the native seasonings—ginger, lemongrass, curry, and coconut: You just can’t miss! Pad Thai is a complete […]