Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving feast

Thanksgiving is a wonderful day, but it is also cause for much commotion. It need not be!
You know me: nothing is ever an excuse to lose my head and throw balance and nutrition to the winds when preparing a meal. Even if it is a meal as lavish as a Thanksgiving feast. So yes, it is a lot of wonderful food, but all sensible. With my guidance, you won’t have to go on a crash diet the  weekend following Thanksgiving. Everyone can enjoy mine without stress!

Thanksgiving Feast Frenzy and Drama

There is something that, for the life of me I can never understand: We even discuss how to survive it, for crying out loud! What’s the big deal? We make much more complicated meals every shabbos. Does the turkey scare you? I have some great tips for the Perfect Bird: Tips, Thanksgiving recipes and turkey leftovers recipes. Please read it: No charge for the turkey therapy!

Most of the following Thanksgiving Feast recipes, appear in my new cookbook:

I hope you have it! Here’s plenty of fabulous Thanksgiving dishes to choose from. This list below includes a new killer Low Carb Cranberry Pecan Brownie Tart and many Gluten-Free Recipes.


Just one more thing: Do not throw anything away (bones, skins, carcasses, leftovers meat) Keep it all safely in your freezer.  What to do with Thanksgiving Turkey Leftovers? Plenty! After the big gig starts another kind of fun: turkey soup, salad, sandwich, spread etc. Here’s that link again. Perfect Bird: Tips, Thanksgiving recipes and turkey leftovers recipes.

Last Year’s Feast

Before I go into the general menu and recipes, please take a look at Last Year’s Thanksgiving Menu we hosted at our home. You might even consider using this menu exactly as is: I and all my guests remember it as a real triumph!