Another Feast at Pardes

Another sampling dinner at Pardes Restaurant: I succumbed to the idea yet again, tightening my belt all of that day in prevision for what treats were in store for us. The only thing better than reading and drooling about this menu is actually…
cooking demo

Taking my Cooking Demo Show on the Road!

You might say I have given My Cooking Demo Shows all my life. In New York as well as around the country and beyond. Giving a Cooking Demo in a room full of fans is in my blood. You might say I am the Cooking Demo Girl. No matter what the Cooking…
good chocolate

More Good Chocolate, Mom, Please!

Good Chocolate or No Chocolate! Recently I mentioned to my daughter Bella I was going to Montreal soon for a demo, and she said with great urgency: "Mommy, whatever you do, make sure you go back to the store where we had those heavenly good…

Royally Annoying Review on Royal Challah Silicone Mold

The challah silicone mold It was created to obediently take on a beautiful braid's shape for dutiful but less-than-dexterous bakers. But it also elicited many comments, a few of them of a gastronomic nature, most of them of a reconstructive-surgery…

Demo Menus

Cooking Demo

Nine-Day Feast

  Tilapia with miso sauce Italian pasta with brussels sprouts zucchini in tomato sauce Chilled minted pea soup Endive waldorf salad Blueberry crumb pie

French Feast

  Celery root portobello soup Coq au vin Boston lettuce watercress salad with shallot dressing Pommes dauphine Hazelnut dacquoise

Father’s Day Brunch

Bloody mary and screwdriver Feta and spinach dill frittata Linguini with pesto sauce Potato galette with smoked salmon, caviar and sour cream Mixed greens with blue cheese dressing Pecan coffee cake

Cooking for Crowds

Turkey chili Red cabbage salad with Chinese dressing Cooked turnip salad Potato herring apple salad Barbecued chicken Oat mocha cake

The Whole grain Pasta Party

  Spelt linguini with fennel tuna sauce Rice spaghetti and meatballs Soba noodles with wild mushroom sauce Penne alla vodka Salad and sorbet

Wholesome Salad Dinners

Lentil sausage salad with sprouts on baby spinach Chicken endive Waldorf Salad Mock crab, smoked trout, potato and fennel salad on arugala Curried tofu egg salad with romaine and rice noodles

Indian Feast

Vegetable tofu curry Fish Tandoori Jasmine rice Chick pea and lentil paratha with coconut chutney Ghee- and saffron-scented sweet potato pudding Chai tea

One-Pot Comfort Foods Meals

Pot-au-feu Lamb, lima beans and spinach stew Moroccan fish stew with potatoes, tomatoes and olives Mixed greens Toasted vermicelli pudding