Demo Menus


Roast Chicken from Around the World

Basic roast chicken Moroccan roasted chicken Maple-roasted chicken Teriyaki roasted chicken Herb-roasted chicken Barbecue chicken

Pasta Party the Gluten-Free Way!

Spaghetti and meatballs Grilled-vegetable lasagna Cold sesame noodles Yerushalmi kugel Apple noodle pudding

Healing Foods

Aduki bean burdock soup Fish, kabocha, kale and seaweed stew Shitaki summer rolls on a bed of seasoned nappa cabbage Date nut bars Berry kanten

The Natural Desserts Party

Assorted muffins, casings and toppings Brownies assorted shapes and toppings Giant chocolate chip cookie Ice cream sandwiches Chocolate sunflower butter party cake

Chanukkah Party. Gluten-Free

Bison shepherd pie Potato leek Portobello soup Potato latkas with homemade apple-pear sauce Roasted potato salad Potato fruit gnocchi.

Leftover Party

Quick chicken soup Spicy chopped liver pastries Three layer fish terrine Curried chicken salad Moroccan potato frittata Bread chocolate pudding

Thanksgiving Feast

Carrot ginger soup Wild rice with chestnuts Spice-rub roasted turkey Minted cranberry orange relish Boston lettuce with shallot cider dressing and chopped herbs Pumpkin pecan pie

The Winter Soups Kitchen

Coconut miso fish soup Lamb spinach bean soup Clear chicken vegetable soup Mushroom barley soup Potato cabbage soup

Just the Two of US: Elegant Quick Meals

Trio of Tuna: Seared, handroll, tartare Sauté spinach and portobello Spicy buckwheat couscous Quick Thai pumpkin peanut butter soup Ricotta berry parfait

Small Meals, Big Skillet

Seared salmon with cocktail sauce London broil Moroccan cornmeal soup Skillet-roasted potatoes Sauté Swiss chard Mixed greens Chestnuts bean coconut parfaits

Rosh Hashana Dinner

Roasted tomato soup Chilled salmon roulade with tehina sauce Beef stew with wild mushrooms, fingerling potatoes and artichokes Mixed greens with raspberry vinaigrette Praline cheesecake with coffee crunch topping

Asian Bites

Vegetable sushi Mock crab summer rolls Cabbage mushroom spring rolls Chicken dumplings with dipping sauce Cold sesame noodles in martini cups Tofu Satay