Summer Shabbos Lunch

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I know, right? It can be the same old same old… OR it can be, as it is here, an exciting cold vegetarian and fish meal. As often when we host lots of singles for Shabbos, this week I went Shabbos shopping with a totally open mind. Since I was right in the area of Whole Foods on 97th St and Columbus Ave, I thought to myself, surprise me, and decided my Shabbos lunch menu will be predicated on my discoveries. So, at the urging of several of my guests, I am sharing my Shabbos lunch menu: Seasonal, summery, room temperature, meatless, eclectic and delicious! Several friends feasted on our Shabbos leftovers last night: All gone!

Glorious Summer Flavors

You will be amazing how many dishes are great cold or at room temperature. In summer, who wants to leave an oven or a hot plate on? It’s hot enough without them! When the flavors are seasonal and fresh, there’s not much you need to do to get a perfect dish: luscious heirloom tomatoes, sizzling sliced fresh seared tuna, and so on.

Summer Shabbos Lunch

All easy to make, all quick, all delicious at room temperature. What more could you ask for on torrid summer days?