vodka lychee punch

Sake Vodka Lychee Punch Recipe

Vodka Lychee Punch

Boy I must have been in a Boozy-Fruity mood when I composed this recipe. It’s in my Whole Foods Cookbook and my Ebook, and I can tell you, countless fans’ raving comments later, it’s a huge favorite. Just bring to to your buffet table at your next party and enjoy the joyous uproar it will cause.

Every single ingredient in Vodka Lychee Punch does its very own magic and guarantee a wonderful drink: Like and all-Star Show. The clean and bright flavors of green tea, ginger, lychee, sake, vodka, lemongrass, lime come right through. Dreamy lineup, no? Your guests will love you (and me! Be a pal and don’t forget to share the credit!).

Lychee Magic:

Lychee is a beloved Asian fruit, with a fuzzy soft shell wrapped around the incredibly fragrant and floral fruit. Check out my Lychee Kanten! Because it tends to be expensive and hard to find, it often falls below our radar. But you can easily find unsweetened canned lychees. Wonderful diced in a fruit salad. And Lychee juice is very easy to find.

Attention Ginger Lovers!

I’m looking out for you, and making sure you never run out of ginger. There are some fabulous brands of pure ginger juice out there, and in larger (more cost-effective) containers than the little 1/2 ounce vials, and just as pure and as delicious. Just a few drops in a drink, salad dressing, muffin or smoothie will do the trick of taking your recipe to the next level.

Likewise, Lemongrass is great in powder form!

It can be hard to find sometimes. But pure ground lemongrass is widely available, and I have included an amazon link for it.

My Vodka Lychee Punch is funky and Fabulous! I get endless requests to share this recipe, enough for a crowd. It keeps very well in the refrigerator a good few days, so don’t drink too much, and save some for later!

Expand your Alcoholic Drinks Repertoire!

I also have fantastic sangria for you: White and red! Sorry about bragging, but I’m told my sangria is the best. Can you please make it and confirm that?

Do not add ice to Vodka Lychee Punch Please!

Rather, make certain all your ingredients are good and chilled. You want the flavors to be undiluted, strong and delicious!

Making Vodka Lychee Punch on Passover?

Yes you can! Substitute dry white wine for sake, and skip the lemongrass if it is too hard to find.


4 cups very hot strong green tea, decaf OK, or matcha
2 large pieces ginger, peeled and chopped
1 bunch lemongrass, roughly chopped (or 3 tablespoons lemongrass powder)
3 cups vodka (inexpensive brand OK)
6 cups dry sake (inexpensive brand OK)
8 cups pure unsweetened lychee juice (health food stores)
1 cup pure maple syrup
1⁄2 cup lemon or lime juice


Sliced lemons and limes, and mint leaves


Steep the first set of ingredients in a tight-lid teapot until it cools. Strain the mixture into a punch bowl or large pitcher.

Stir in the second set of ingredients. Chill. No ice. Top with the sliced fruit. Garnish with the mint leaves.

Makes 2 dozen servings.

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