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Argan Oil Almond, Honey Spread Amlou Recipe

Argan oil is one of our pride and joys

It is that extraordinary oil that is obtained only in one spot in the world: Morocco. And not just anywhere in Morocco, but only on the argan trees. Learn all about the somewhat scatological trivia its cultivation is connected with: Expensive, and spectacular!

Amlou is the great treat of my childhood:

It is the super luxurious and super nutritious precursor of peanut butter and jelly, Moroccan-style, a staple in every Moroccan home.
Picture this: Argan oil (spectacular, I said that, didn’t I?), roasted almonds and honey! I have no doubt this magnificent spread played a central role in our good health!

Argan oil has wondrous properties:

Apparently its magic is not just culinary but cosmetic too! Just at all the information about argan oil on this wonderful site

Treat yourself to a bottle, and use it with discretion on your dishes: You are in for ecstasy! But when it comes to using it for cosmetic purposes (as distinct from the culinary argan oil: cosmetic argan oil has no odor and no flavor), I can never be without it: Nothing comes close in skin care and hair care. I buy it pure, and apply it pure. A pint of it lasts me a whole year, at about 30 dollars. I actually find that quite cost effective. It gives me a thrill to see argan oil represented in so many beauty salons: Way to go, girls!

Yes argan oil is very expensive, all the way up there with truffle oil.

But the good news is, a little goes a long way. It is so extraordinarily delicious and intense that a little drizzle on your omelet, your couscous, or your salad greens will take your dish to a whole other level. I love to drizzle it on roasted peppers or roasted vegetables. Try it on roasted beets and goat cheese, with a sprinkle of chopped roasted almonds! Still I am realistic and recommending olive oil as a very close second: This way, you’ll be sure to make Amlou more often, and it will still be fabulous and super nutritious! Talk about healthy— Amlou is a nutritional powerhouse, and a snap to make.


  • 2 cups toasted whole unpeeled almonds (about 15 minutes in a preheated 325°F oven)
  • 2∕3 cup argan oil (settle for a full-bodied olive oil)
  • 2∕3 cup dark honey
  • ½ teaspoon salt


Process all ingredients until smooth. If the spread looks too thick to spread, add a little oil. Makes about 2 cups. Store the Amlou refrigerated in a glass jar.

4 replies
  1. Reuven B
    Reuven B says:

    Not nougat, per se, but it was nearly that hard. I am going to make it again today and hopefully it will be softer.

  2. Reuven B
    Reuven B says:

    This was a big hit! Love LOVE it!

    Mine came out fairly stiff – too stiff to spread on a cracker or bread. I added a bit extra olive oil which made it clearly richer and more oily but not so soft. Is it supposed to be the consistency of peanut butter? nougat?


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