Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother’s Day brunch

The menus are so exciting! Spring bounty, guests all ages, classic crowd pleasers, eclectic menu, beautiful weather (hopefully!). And an all-day mother’s day brunch menu  is my dream diet, anytime anywhere!

Mother’s Day Brunch

The idea with a meal like Mother’s Day Brunch is to give mom a break from kitchen chores, so we keep the menu simple and not too labor-intensive, even while we keep it exciting and interesting. This menu is nothing short of fabulous. The scones are so easy to make I am including two kinds, one sweet and one savory, so you don’t have to choose; besides, they freeze very well.

Cheddar hazelnut scones

Zabar’s Scotch Salmon

Zabars Scotch Salmon

Go ahead, call me a Food Snob, I can take it. Smoked salmon too often errs on the salty side, and excess salt really ruins my pleasure, to say nothing about the discomfort it causes. So yes, some smoked salmon brands are salt-conscious and delicious, but then Zabar’s Scotch Salmon kicks all other brands out of the ball park! How do they make it melt-in-your-mouth soft and tender even while they don’t use a drop more salt than necessary? Ha, that is their dirty delicious little secret! Zabar ships worldwide, just sayin’!

Berry Fruit Salad

Berry Fruit Salad

I made my fruit salad all with berries here.

I know this will surprise you: I go to any length to use frozen berries: Nothing is sweeter, juicier, oozier and redder than frozen berries and cherries. This is the case even when berry season is in full swing. Of course I greatly enjoy a bowl of berries, but only when eaten out of hand. As soon as I think of making a berry sauce or smoothie or pie, it’s always with frozen berries. The other reward frozen berries deliver is, it affords you a great reduction in sugar and other sweeteners, as it is naturally sweetened.

You will be happy to have my frittata recipe on hand, with its dozen variations. I like to make the potato cauliflower frittata with grated cheddar and no greens, to keep it all white.

Includes my Famous CCC

chocolate chip cookies

Because, well, duh, how can it not? Thousands of Mommies make you my Chocolate Chip Cookies every week, so it’s about time you make them for her!

Mother’s Day Brunch and Shavuot

By the way, all the dishes in this Mothers Day Brunch would be fabulous for Shavuot too! Healthy light and simple dairy dishes? What’s not to love?