My Father’s Day Menu doubles as a perfect 4th of July Menu

It clearly expresses that you needn’t kiss your fast food favorites goodbye! You can enjoy them as hearty as you like it, and right at home. That’s what I call The Good Junk. And not only on Father’s day, but any old day! How about 4th of July?

So what’s the secret of making rich All-American classics the healthy way?

None other than starting out with lean and healthy choices, cooking from scratch, and making it yourself in minutes.  Recast objectionably rich and gooey classics as wholesome and sensible. Impress Dad with this delicious menu on Father’s Day or any day: Even Mom will approve!

Please do not turn your nose up at baked fish sticks!

Many of them err on the uninspiring side, but I am confident you will give these fish sticks your full consideration and attention!
Likewise, you will practice making your burgers with the whole gamut of ground meat, poultry and fish.
Cole Slaw: Respect, please! I can’t bear to see it dissed as a tired old cliche: If cole slaw is good, it’s good anytime! Food should ignore fashion completely, all it needs worry about is, be healthy and be delicious, and cole slaw fits the bill on both counts!
Beer-Baked Beans sound like lumberjack food, but are in fact quite hearty and healthy.
The Plum Peach Crumb Pie is delightfully light and seasonal.
The Lemonade, Infused Water and Sangria Scream “Move Over Soda!” Natural lemonade and sangria are wonderful, and no version can beat the homemade version!

Wait till you taste my popsicles! I included quite a few variations, for kids big and small!

You will be delighted to find here a complete Menu

Father’s Day/Fourth of July/Superbowl Menu, recipes and all. What do they have in common? They are all boys-will-be-boys Big American Celebration Days kind of menus! My dinners leave room for dessert, and you will be delighted with my Fruit Cobbler!

I trust you will find my menu uncomplicated as well. The following menu will serve a good dozen guests, the healthy and no-nonsense way. The whole meal will take you half a day from beginning to end, and will make you look like a pro! All of the recipes are either gluten-free or gluten-free-friendly.

Oh, just one more thing:

Do you find that you tend to make way too many burgers?

Freeze them, cooked! You will be delighted to find them on a next meal when you are short on time, just as happened to me one night last week. I defrosted cooked burgers and crumbled them in a skillet, added a jar of marinara sauce and a little olive oil, warmed the mixture through, added boiled noodles and called it Pasta Bolognese Dinner. It took minutes, and was so delicious that I am tempted to recommend you err on the generous side so you have enough hamburgers to freeze for a possible BBQ Redux! The other thing I love to make with leftover burgers is, quite simply, dice them and throw them in a main course salad. Believe it or not, I did just that this past Shabbos lunch (sorry no pictures) and it was the best.