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Infused Water Recipes. All Variations

Store-bought infused water?

Nothing seems like more of a waste to me. Instead, consider this: A pitcher of cold water with some added (one at a time please, two at the most!) sliced lemon, lime, mint, orange, basil, sliced cucumber, sliced apples, strawberries, ginger, lemongrass, rosemary, and nothing more but some ice if desired (I don’t use any). So pretty, simple, refreshing, and delicious. It richly rewards your little investment of patience and advance planning .

You would be amazed how many Infused Water Flavors you can come up with!

From aromatic to fruity and everything in between. You will make a beautiful infused water display in no time. Infused water is inexpensive, pretty, delicious, refreshing, a snap to make, and the best part is:

Infused water is completely non-caloric.



I love the above water carafes, leak-proof, shatter-proof, and equipped with two pouring openings, one about the size of a penny, and the other just as small but with a built in divider that doesn’t let leaves and herbs through when you pour your infused water into a glass. They are inexpensive and very easy to find.

When you want to make infused water with small particles like the lavender leaves above, treat yourself to these fabulous reusable cold brew cotton fine mesh bags. First of all, they will make you the BEST cold brew coffee, which is a blessing to me, as the Coffee powers that be have apparently decided it was not worth their while to make Decaf Cold Brew (big mistake!), and second, they will brew the best tea. These bags do not a solitary grain of coffee or tea leaf through: the attached elastic ring ties the bag very securely and completely. I love them!

When you make infused water, remember:

The longer you let the mixture steep, the more intensely flavored it will be.

Of course, no problem using the infused water right away. In this case use a drink muddler, a nifty wooden tool that crushes leaves, herbs and sliced fruit, and releases flavors and essences instantly. Whatever you are not using now, let it infuse in a pitcher and enjoy it the next day. Not only that: You can refill the pitcher with just cold water, leaving your used selected flavors in the pitcher: You will get a whole other infused water pitcher at no cost whatsoever!



No Recipe to speak of. Just some suggestions: Short sweet selection please, and be generous:

Citrus fruit
Gren apples

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