“Attending one of Levana’s demo classes means being in the midst of a whirlwind of this expert’s energy, passion and enthusiasm for all things food. I chose to attend a TAGINE class in order to learn about the quintessential Moroccan dish from this Moroccan food expert. The room was packed with ladies of all types: newlyweds, capable home cooks and those needing encouragement. Levana handles it all- multiple steaming dishes on the demo table, rapid chopping and mixing while teaching everything from technique, to food history, to where to source ingredients. Throughout the sessions, Levana encourages home cooks to keep it simple, flexible and above all else, natural. Indeed, she simplifies techniques which might otherwise seem daunting, thereby leaving attendees feeling more sure and ready to embrace new flavors and challenges. Of course, this generous host feeds lucky participants after the demo. By that time, a group of 30 women felt like old friends at a party.”

Liz RuevenKosherlikeme.com

“Dear Levana, We all loved your cooking demo! If we could, my sister and I would follow you around from one demo to the next.  Unfortunately, time and other responsibilities doesn’t allow for that luxury but we really had a super and wonderful evening with you. The next night, Monday, my son asked what we were having for supper and when I told him we’d be eating the chicken and soup from Shabbos, he said he really would like that lady again. I said, “What do you mean?”  (He’s 8 yrs old)  He answered, “The lady who cooked in Chabad House yesterday.  I want her to cook more food for us. I loved everything she made.”Thank you again!”

Sorah ShemtovChabad Riverdale

“A cooking demo with Levana: Romancing the Stove. Watching Master Chef Levana Kirschenbaum orchestrate a gourmet meal is like observing a maestro conducting an intricate symphony.”

Helen SchwimmerThe Jewish Press

“Levana is a woman of high energy, passion and style with a big heart…she doesn’t sit still for long…at her cooking demos she takes great care in her preparations, but she’s also quick and efficient, seeming to work magic.”

Sandee BrawarskyJewish Week

“The aromas are pervasive, seductive and typical of Levana’s deeply herbal style.  In her warm style, Levana demystifies fine cuisine even when she insists on the purity and integrity of ingredients.  For the kosher community she is irreplaceable, providing international sophistication within the guidelines of dietary laws…she is a major resource: her seamless fusion recipes, authentic cuisine, fresh and natural ingredients, and adventurous seasonings.”

Judy RossThe Blueprint

“To work with Levana is an honor. Rarely does one have the opportunity to highlight such an expert! At her cooking demos, Levana is engaging, informative, fun, and oozes confidence. She thinks of every detail and executes to perfection. Her food is delicious and the plates at our demo were overflowing with her tasty creations. Everyone left full of ideas- and food!”

Yocheved Yocheved SidofLamplightersYeshivah.com

“Levana is more than a chef—she is a force of nature! She starts with a delicious menu, mixes in some cooking advice, spices it up with humor, kneads in observations, adds a dash of originality and flair, and voila—the audience ends up with a complete meal, a headful of ideas and tips, and a huge smile on their faces. Levana offers something for everyone, no matter their level of observance or cooking skill. Thank you, Levana, for feeding us—body and soul!”

Rochel Baila YaffeCo-Director Chabad of the Shoreline, Guilford, CT

“I’ve been a big fan of Levana’s for over ten years, beginning with her wonderful cooking classes in Manhattan. Since moving to Los Angeles, I look forward to her cooking demos whenever she’s in town. Levana’s demos are always a fun and delicious event! Her knowledge of food and tips for preparing are so helpful. I’m truly amazed how in under two hours, she’s prepared a WHOLE meal (even for a huge crowd), from soup and salad to dessert and everything in between. Her cookbook, ‘The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen’ is my go to for fabulous recipes that are easy to follow using healthy ingredients that I’m proud to feed my family and friends. Can’t wait for her next demo in LA!”

Rachel Berger Ziv

“What an amazing night filled with great faces, a great chef and most of all incredibly tasting menu that were able to enjoy! Thank you Levana Kirschenbaum for an extraordinary night!!”

Ayelet Sery

“Levana, The memory of your cooking demonstration and sumptuous dinner at Chevrat Thilim remains vibrant. We thank you for coming to San Francisco and for the gift of your incredible cookbook. You are so very multi-talented! We are grateful for all we learned from you.”

Phillip Gordon & Philippa Newfield

“I wanted to tell you all about a great chef, Levana Kirschenbaum. She has just written a cookbook called The Whole Foods Kosher Kitchen. I had a fund raiser for Camp Alonim/ University of Judaism and she did a cooking demo at my house in Los Angeles. She was absolutely fantastic, and what a personality! If you could work it out with a few other Chabad’s  maybe it would be less costly to have her come out. She has written two other cookbooks called Levana’s Table and Levana Cooks Dairy-Free. I just love her cookbook. It is wonderful. You can contact her at the email above. Looking forward to seeing you soon.”

Connie Marco

“Levana did a cooking demo in Los Angeles for a Yula PTA womens night out event. Everyone had a great time. Levana was fun and easy going. She was so efficient that she was able to make a full dinner for 40 within a couple of hours of her demonstration. As she was cooking she provided us with tips and lots of useful information. Personally, I was never a fan of salmon. Through Levana and her amazing salmon recipe ( which can be found in her beautiful cookbook) I now like salmon and make it for my family all the time. Thank you Levana and keep up your fantastic work!”

Susie Porgess

“Levana, Your baking recipes are the best go to, they always come out the way you promise they will! and I can’t even tell you the appreciation I feel, as someone who came from a non-observant background, who was very into vegan baking and then becoming frum and left my vegan ties behind.. I feel like I can come full circle when I see vegan ways to make delicious kosher food on your site! ..what a mechaya! Thanks Levana!”

Sara ShulkinMorristown, NJ