Levana Cooks: Savory Eats!

 Summer Feast for  30 Guests

Every year I host a Summer Feast for a few wonderful lady friends at my home.

Ladies who lunch: I highly recommend! Mine is a wonderful group of about thirty amazingly generous, creative and accomplished ladies. What unites us is, we are mostly current or former Upper West Siders. Do not let the theme of the gathering fool you into thinking our conversation turns to recipes and shopping tips. Gd forbid! Rather, at our Summer Feast, those of us who hold the fort in New York City reminisce about all our good times with our friends and neighbors, and share uplifting and inspiring thoughts. As one of the guests said, although the food is delectable, it is not the secret of the success of these gatherings. The secret is in the greatness of the friends themselves. Great friends: This is the best blessing. I’m only sorry I cannot accommodate a larger group of ALL my friends. You don’t mind me getting a little mushy, do you?

My Summer Feast showcases lots of summer favorites

Likewise, hosting is always a great excuse for me to include some great Moroccan favorites.

Oh I know delicious food alone is not enough to make a beautiful event, I’m always the first to say it. But it sure helps, and it is a pleasure cooking for such an appreciative crowd: Food from the heart! And in these dire times we need the togetherness so badly!

Levana Cooks: Wonderful Desserts

My summer Feast Menu

I know it sounds very long: please don’t gasp. I had hardly any leftovers, so I must have done something right.


Mixed Greens Salad: No recipe really. Here’s what I put in: Baby kale, radishes, raw cauliflower, sliced celery, scallions, sliced mint leaves, chopped parsley. oil and cider vinegar dressing.
Saute Portobello and Baby Bok Choy. No recipe. Just saute in olive oil, add sea salt.
Mixed Berries