Stovetop Roasting

Stovetop Roasting: Recipe Ideas Galore

Stovetop Roasting: Recipe Ideas Galore

Summer encourages the experimentation with creative and fun new recipes, full of bold and fresh flavors. We may feel discouraged, however, when the weather deters us from our kitchen adventures- suffocating humidity threatens to put a stop to our tinkering. The last thing we can imagine doing is turning on the sweltering hot oven! Besides, we poor city rats have no access to an outdoors grill, or to an outdoors space, for that matter. Please invite us to your next BBQ!

But have no fear! We have a summer cooking life-hack for you: Stovetop roasting and recipes galore! Summer cooking woes, begone. As moist and succulent as with the best grill!

In fact I do Stovetop Roasting Year Round!

Your oven may be housing a turkey or a roast, which alone keep the oven occupied for several hours. Why wait around, when you can do a fantastic job on the stovetop?

Roast those veggies right in your skillet!

Why roast on a stovetop?

stovetop cooking

We’re so glad you asked! Stovetop roasting is key in the summer because it will roast your dishes in no time, and produces a delicious roasted result- almost like you spent time slaving away at the grill! The key is to have a solid and reliable nonstick skillet; one that can get any job done, a few drops of oil is all you need. This enables healthier cooking, because you are greatly reducing unnecessary fats! We recommend a Calphalon Aluminum Cookware Pan.  Seriously, I couldn’t be without it. It is my workhorse. Handsome enough and large enough to make paella and bring it right to the table. We promise that this durable pan will give you only the best results as you embark on your stovetop roasting adventures! (Image courtesy of the Amazon link.)

This week alone I prepared most of my shabbos meal in it, cutting up the next vegetables while the current one was getting ready. Take a look! Boneless Chicken Thigh, baby kale, cauliflower, portobello, in no time

Stovetop Roasting

 Here’s a wonderful dish of sausage, kale and butternut squash I made last Thanksgiving, the picture tells the whole story!

Stovetop roasting recipes and inspiration

What makes stovetop roasting so amazing and versatile is that you can use it to roast, well, anything! Simply add your favorite spices for extra flavor, and you’re good to go! Whether you’re going for a veggie-packed dinner and choose to roast a rainbow of vegetables, or want to cook up burgers, meat, and even salmon, your stovetop will soon become your go-to for all of your summer meal needs. Time to cook up a storm, but this time, you’ll be keeping your cool.

Meat-eaters’ (and fish lovers’) heaven!

I’m always asked, how do you manage to cook a complete meal every night. There’s your answer! That’s right, even dessert!